Rohit Verma, PhD

Rohit Verma, PhD

Academic Chair – Supply Chain & Management Major

College of Business and Management


Rohit Verma (Professor, Operations Technology and Information Management area; School of Hotel Administration) is currently on leave from Cornell University serving as the Founding Provost/Rector (Chief Academic Officer) of VinUniversity, Hanoi (Vietnam). Prior to his current appointment, he was the Dean of External Relations for Cornell SC Johnson College of Business (May 2016 – June 2019); Singapore Tourism Board Distinguished Professor (January 2014 – June 2019); Executive Director for Cornell Institute for Healthy Futures (July 2015 – June 2018); and Executive Director of Cornell Center for Hospitality Research (July 2009 – June 2012).

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Research interests

  • Services Operations Management
  • Hospitality and Services Design, Management and Operations
  • Healthcare, Wellness, Sr. Living and Care

Selected publications

  1. Kong, Lu; Sadatsafavi, Hessam; Verma, Rohit. “Usage and Impact of Information and Communication Technologies in Healthcare Delivery” Service Science (Hanover). 11.3 (2019): 155-261
  2. Secchi, Enrico; Roth, Aleda; Verma, Rohit. “The Impact of Service Improvisation Competence on Customer Satisfaction: Evidence from the Hospitality Industry” Production and Operations Management. 28.6 (2019): 1329-1346
  3. Dixon, Michael; Victorino, Liana; Kwortnik, Robert; Verma, Rohit. “Surprise, Anticipation, and Sequence Effects in the Design of Experiential Services” Production and Operations Management. 26.5 (2017): 945–960
  4. McColl-Kennedy, J.; Danaher, T.; Gallan, A.; Orsingher, C.; Lervik-Olsen, L.; Verma, Rohit. “How Do You Feel Today? Managing Patient Emotions During Health Care Experiences to Enhance Well-being” Journal of Business Research. 79 (2017): 247-259
  5. Choi, Sunmee; Kim, Shinyoung; Verma, Rohit. “Providing Feedback to Service Customers: The Effect of the Presentation Order and Repetition of Feedback Types” Journal of Service Management. 28.2 (2017): 389 – 416
  6. Xie, X.; Anderson, Christopher; Verma, Rohit. “Customer Preferences and Opaque Intermediaries” Cornell Hospitality Quarterly. 58.4 (2017): 342-353
  7. Brandon-Jones, Alistair; Lewis, Michael; Verma, Rohit; Walsman, Matthew. “Examining the characteristics and managerial challenges of professional services: An empirical study of management consultancy in the travel, tourism and hospitality sector” Journal of Operations Management. 42-43 (2016): 9-24
  8. Dixon, Michael; Verma, Rohit. “Sequence Effects in Service Bundles: Implications for Service Design and Scheduling” Journal of Operations Management. 31.3 (2013): 138-152
  9. Victorino, Liana; Verma, Rohit; Bonner, Bryan; Wardell, Don. “Can Customers Detect Script Usage in the Service Encounter? A Video Experimental Analysis: An Experimental Video Analysis” Journal of Service Research. 15.4 (2012)
  10. Victorino, Liana; Verma, Rohit; Wardell, Don. “Script usage in customized and standardized service encounters: Implications for perceived service quality” Production and Operations Management. 22.3 (2013): 518-534

Teaching interests

  • Operations, Technology and Information Management
  • Hospitality and Services Design, Management and Operations

Selected awards and honors

  • Lifetime Achievement Award (2018) Production and Operations Management Society, College of Service Operations
  • CHR Industry Relevance Award (2018) Cornell SC Johnson College of Business, School of Hotel Administration
  • Most Influential Service Operations Paper Award (2015) Production and Operations Management Society
  • Jack Meredith Best Paper Award (2014) Journal of Operations Management
  • Teaching Excellence Award – MMH core (2011) School of Hotel Administration, Cornell University


  • PhD, University of Utah, 1995
  • MS, University of Utah, 1991
  • BTech, Indian Institute of Technology, 1989

Adapted from Cornell SHA faculty’s page.