Huynh Dinh Chien

Huynh Dinh Chien, MD, PhD

Professor, College of Health Sciences

Lab Director, College of Health Sciences

Year 1 Chair, Medical Doctor Program, College of Health Sciences


Dr. Huynh Dinh Chien is a dedicated medical teacher who emphasizes medical care activities for poor communities, especially ethnic minorities in Central Vietnam. After being granted his PhD degree in Immunology in Hungary in 1989, he engaged in research on immunology and poverty reduction, particularly in ethnic minority areas. Building clinical trial areas for new antimalarial drugs is the focus of his ongoing research. Dr. Chien has compiled and published 14 books (3 in English), published more than 40 scientific articles in international journals, participated as a presenter in 13 international conferences, and many domestic workshops and seminars. He was awarded the title Associate Professor in 2002 and Full Professor in 2009. Dr. Chien has been invited to act as a consultant for many international projects at non-governmental organizations as well as at the Ministry of Health. He joined Vinmec Health System in 2017 and was introduced to work at VinUni since 2019.

  1. Immunological aspects of healthy people and the patients of some relevant illnesses such as infectious diseases, cancers.
  2. Treatment for drug-resistant malaria.

  • Immunology and Allergology
  • Clinical Laboratory Methods

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  • Master’s, Education Management, RMIT, Australia, 2004
  • PhD, Immunology, National Institute of Rheumatology and Physiotherapy, Hungary, 1989
  • Specialization Doctor Level I, Hygiene and Epidemiology, Hanoi Medical School, Vietnam, 1984
  • MD, Medical School, Hue University, Vietnam, 1980

PATENT N. 102016000077844 awarded by The Ministry of Economic Development, Italian Government on 25/01/2019: – Inventors: (1) Turrini Francesco Michelangelo, (2) Huynh Dinh Chien, (3) Pantaleo Antonella, (4) Tsamesidis Ioannis, (5) Low Philip Stewart – Patent Title: “The use of the synergic action of of human syk inhibitors for the preparation of new therapeutic combinations based on artemisinin (ACTs) for the radical treatment of malaria”.