Myles Liam Lynch

Myles Liam Lynch, PhD.

College of Arts and Sciences

Senior Lecturer


Dr. Myles L. Lynch is a Senior Lecturer within the College of Arts and Sciences (OASIS Program) at VinUniversity. Dr. Lynch is a social scientist and received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Education and Recreation Management from the University of New Hampshire, USA. Prior to arriving at VinUniversity, Dr. Lynch served as the Head of Research and Development for Point Avenue, a Hanoi based Education Technology Company. In addition, Dr. Lynch is a former Camp Director for the YMCA of Greater Boston and has led domestic and international service-based trips to Yellowstone National Park, Zion National Park, and throughout Vietnam.

Dr. Lynch’s passion for Experiential Education began as a child when he attended summer camp near the White Mountains of New Hampshire. He developed a passion for recreation and nonformal learning settings. Dr. Lynch believes meaningful education should focus on hands-on and project-based experiences. Dr. Lynch’s scholarly work reflects this sentiment and is focused on empirically investigating outcomes associated with recreation experience and the psychological components of creativity and motivation in nonformal settings.

In addition, Dr. Lynch is active within the Hanoi community and serves as a board member for Keep Vietnam Clean (formerly Keep Hanoi Clean). He looks forward to contributing to student success initiatives at VinUniversity including the OASIS program, community service-learning initiatives, and the annual leadership boot camp training sessions.

In his spare time, Dr. Lynch enjoys playing basketball and volleyball, trekking in Soc Son, and trying new food around Hanoi.

Creativity and Divergent Thinking
Motivation and Self Determination Theory
Outdoor Recreation: Summer Camp
Recreation and Leisure Studies
Emerging Adulthood
Social and Emotional Learning

Development in non-formal educational settings Social Science Research Methods Natural Resources Management Educational Psychology and Leadership Experiential Education Theory and Practice Community Service Learning Parks and Recreation Management

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Ph.D. and M.S. in Education and Recreation Management from the University of New Hampshire, USA