Kok-Seng Wong

Kok-Seng Wong, PhD

Associate Professor, Computer Science program, College of Engineering and Computer Science


Dr. Kok-Seng Wong received his first degree in Computer Science (Software Engineering) from the University of Malaya, Malaysia, and an M.Sc. (Information Technology) degree from the Malaysia University of Science and Technology (in collaboration with MIT). He obtained his PhD degree from Soongsil University, South Korea. He had more than 15 years of teaching record (Computer Science subjects) at universities in Malaysia, South Korea, and Kazakhstan. His research interests lie in applied cryptography, secret sharing, information security, and data privacy.

• Privacy and Data Protection
• Privacy-Preserving Protocol Design
• Applied Cryptography
• Differential Privacy
• Secure Multi-Party Computation

• Introduction to Programming
• Object-Oriented Programming
• Probability and Statistics
• Information Security

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Visiting scholar at State Key Laboratory of Networking and Switching Technology, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (2015, 2016, and 2018).
Best Portfolio (CQI) Award, Soongsil University (2014 and 2016).
Visiting professor at CRISES Research Group at the University of Rovira i Virgil (2012).
Best Teaching Award, Soongsil University (2009).
Letter of Merit (Teaching Evaluation), Multimedia University (2004 – 2008).