OASIS Program

OASIS – an acronym formed by Orientation (O), Advising (A), Skills (S), Identity & Diversity (I), and Service Learning (S) – It is the 3-credit mandatory foundational course for all undergraduates at VinUni.

OASIS@VinUni is designed to enable students to efficiently adapt to the learning environment of the university by supporting their academic growth with effective guidance and useful resources. OASIS adopts an integrated approach to empower students with the requisite generic skills and understanding for their successful academic study and non-academic engagement, such as the formation of their personal goals and career planning.

OASIS comprises 5 education blocks:
– Orientation aimed to equip the first-year students with a proper understanding of the general nature, values, and requirements of university education and help them to become college-ready, and successfully transform from high school to university students.

-The Advising block provides students with guidance on planning for their education and career, and general or personal advice that students may find useful.  Students are asked to construct and implement their Individual Development Plans (IDP).

– The Skills block assists students in successfully navigating their university learning pathway while equipping skills which will help them to become future and career-ready.
– The Identity-Diversity block provides students with diverse, 360 degrees perspectives from well-known or successful people from their community, country, and the world.
– The Service Learning is a unique experiential learning block that integrates students’ academic study with meaningful community service. Students will go outside the classrooms to be engaged in real-life situations. Students are encouraged to apply professional knowledge to serve the community and become responsible global citizens.