One of the unique features of the MD Program at VinUniversity is Early Clinical Experience. This refers to observing a variety of settings in which healthcare is provided to the community and an opportunity to interact with patients.

The MD Education unit at the College of Health Sciences is maintaining a pool of patients with chronic illness (for example diabetes, high blood pressure etc.) who can find some time to talk to the students through face to face, via phone or through online meetings. The maximum requirement is one hour per month. This small act of kindness on the patients’ part will help us to create a better workforce for tomorrow.


A briefing session will occur at the beginning of the semester where patients will be able
to meet students in person or virtually.

Requirements for recruitment: individuals aged 18 or above irrespective of gender and
education who suffer from chronic illness.

For more information, please feel free to reach out to us at email:
Phone number: 02471089779. ext 9003

Registration form HERE