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Hey guys, I am Van Anh, a 3rd year student at VinUniversity College of Business and Management. Currently, […]

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Helloooo! My name is Le Khanh and I am writing to you from the seafront library of Hong […]

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Study and Cultural Exchange between Students from Singapore Management University (SMU) and VinUniversity

Study and Cultural Exchange between Students from Singapore Management University (SMU) and VinUniversity

🔸 Exchange and share cultural characteristics of Vietnam and Singapore 🔸 Experience student life at VinUniversity and get […]

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Our Partners Universities

VinUni proactively seeks to develop lasting collaborative relationships with leading universities and institutions around the world for academic development activities including, but not limited to, the exchange of students, academic and administrative human resources, cooperation in joint research and teaching activities, and joint academic programs. Please see below the list of partner institutions for exchange programs.


Frequently asked questions

Depending on the requirement of each host university, you will need to submit the passport page to the host university at the time of your application or you can submit it nearer to your departure date. Either way, VinUni students are advised to apply for passports as soon as possible so that they will not miss the timeline of the different outbound exchange programs.

VinUni students can apply to up to 5 integrated degree programs. They only need to make one application for VinUni nomination.

Yes, you can, provided that you meet the admission requirements.

As long as the students meet the academic requirements of our partner universities for the intended programs as well as those of VinUni for Bachelor’s degree completion, they can apply. Please check/consult with your academic advisor/program director at VinUni to get advice about this.

In the VinUni application round for the 3+2 integrated degree programs, students do not need to submit GRE scores. If nominated and required by partner university, the students will need to submit the GRE according to the timeline of each university. Normally, students are asked to submit the GRE score during the first year at the partner university unless otherwise indicated. Please refer to the admission requirements of each program at the partner university for more details.

The letters of recommendation/reference should be from the applicant’s professors/lecturers under whom the student has studied or pursued research related to their field of study, or from supervisors, who have supervised the student’s work/co-curricular activities. Therefore, the recommenders are not necessarily VinUni faculty.

Yes, and they will be treated equally just as any other eligible students.

VinUni students will need to plan ahead and complete all required courses before you start your study at partner university so that you meet all the academic requirements for bachelor’s degree completion at VinUni.

It is recommended that you should follow the timeline that have been determined by VinUni and the partner university. For special case, students need to get approval from both partner university and VinUni.

It is advised by Penn Engineering’s Graduate Admissions Office that VinUni students are exempt from submitting the result of an English Proficiency Exam since the medium of instruction at VinUni is English. However, if you possess a valid English test result, we highly recommend that you still submit it with your application.

For other universities, please check the admission requirements of each program.

VinUni students will only need to submit one application for both processes.

VinUni students will follow the following steps in both Parts A and B when applying for the integrated degree programs and the Vingroup Scholarship Program.

Part A – Applying for Integrated Degree Programs:

  • Step 1: VinUni students do research about the intended integrated degree programs they would like to apply and study the requirements of each program at APPLICATION INFORMATION
  • Step 2: VinUni students submit their applications to the Global Exchange Application Portal by the application deadline.
  • Step 3: Applications will be evaluated by the VinUni Review Committee.
  • Step 4: Evaluation results will be announced to students for nomination acceptance. (Please note that students can be nominated to up to 5 programs.)
  • Step 5: GEO sends VinUni nominated students’ application dossiers to partner institutions for assessment.  (At this step, nominated students may be required to submit another application with additional information/documents to the partner university on their portal.)
  • Step 6: The partner university reviews the nominations/applications, makes the final admission decision following their review timelines.

Part B – Applying for Vingroup Scholarship Program: For those who have been accepted by partner university(ies) for the intended integrated degree program(s), i.e. those who are successful in all the steps of Part A above.

  • Step 1: The Vingroup Scholarship Review Committee will review the applications for eligibility screening
  • Step 2: The Vingroup Scholarship Review Committee will conduct the interview for each of the applicant.
  • Step 3: The Vingroup Scholarship results will be announced to students for scholarship acceptance. (Those who are not awarded the Vingroup scholarships can still pursue the admitted integrated degree programs on other sources of funding.)

No, unlike the student exchange program when VinUni students are nominated to one university only, in this integrated degree programs, the students can be nominated to up to 5 universities if they meet all the admission requirements. A student can be admitted to more than 1 integrated program.

If VinUni students pursue the integrated degree programs on the support of the Vingroup Scholarship Program, the Scholarship Review Committee will make the final university placement decision taking into account many factors including the student’s preference. If the students use other sources of funding to pursue the integrated degree programs, they can make their own decision on what program to attend after consulting with the academic advisor/program director.

VinUni students have the opportunity to apply for the Vingroup Scholarship Program to cover the costs of studying abroad during the integrated degree program. Eligibility for the Vingroup Scholarship is determined based on the field of study, not on the VinUni college students are from. You can find the Scholarship’s List of supported fields of study HERE.

At the moment, the Master of Professional Studies in Applied Economics and Management is not in the list of supported programs by the Vingroup Scholarship just yet. CBM students can consider applying for the Master’s Program in Applied Statistics if they can meet the pre-requisites requirements in order to be eligible for the Scholarship Programs.

The Vingroup Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers all expenses: tuition fees, living expenses, air tickets, insurance, visa costs, etc. To be eligible, applicants will need to satisfy the minimum requirements set out by not only the Host university but also the Vingroup Scholarship Program. For more information about the minimum requirements and terms and conditions of the Vingroup Scholarship Program, please visit:

For student exchange on a reciprocal basis (1 to 1) in which students continue to pay the tuition fee for the home university, each university has a certain quota for the number of students that can be exchanged per mutual agreement between VinUni and partner university. For other study abroad programs, the capped number of students is regulated by the host universities or the external funding organizations.

Students may apply to both the student exchange program and the integrated degree program, but only one offer will be made at any given time. There are two separate application processes for these two programs.

Students can select up to 3 choices for their student exchange programs. The student exchange applications will go through an internal review process by a VinUni Review Committee who will make the decision on the application and selection process.

VinUni students who would like to apply for the student exchange program on a reciprocal basis (1 to 1) will follow the application process set by the Global Exchange Office at VinUni and support their applications to the Office as indicated in the Apply Now session.

If you would like to study at a university that does not have an exchange agreement with VinUni, you can choose to personally plan and finance your studies abroad. It will be your responsibility to apply to the university abroad as well as to ensure that all the practical matters are taken care of. Students will still need to apply for pre-approval of credit transfer to the Office of University Registrar/Program Director before your departure to study at the host institution.


The academic transcript is expected to be sent by the host university to VinUni’s Office of Registrar. Students can receive the academic transcript through SIS. All inquiries and applications regarding credit transfer should be submitted to the Registrar.

Students in science and technology and related fields in science and technology will have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship under Vingroup Scholarship Program while they study abroad at a partner school for the integrated Bachelor’s – Master’s Programs. Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship is a full scholarship that covers all expenses: tuition fees, living expenses, air tickets, insurance, visa costs, etc. Read more about information of Vingroup Scholarship Program:

Other official financial support, if any, will be announced when it is available.

While you are on a reciprocal exchange program, you will continue to pay the tuition fee at VinUniversity and not to the host universities. However, you may need to pay some administration fees based on requirements set by partner university. You will also be responsible for other related expenses such as visa, flight, accommodation, insurance, living expenses, etc.

If you are not accepted to your first-choice university, we will try to place you in your second or third preference. Before applying for a program, it is important to do thorough research on the preferred university. The number of exchange slots on reciprocal basis is limited and application is competitive so please select a wide range of opportunities to increase your chance of being accepted for an exchange program.

Most countries require international students to obtain a valid student visa. For further information, please check the specific requirements of your chosen university and host country. The Global Exchange Office at VinUni will also support you as needed when you apply for the visa for the exchange program.

For the outbound student exchange program, if your application is successful, VinUni will nominate you to the host institution and you may be required to submit a separate application requested by the host institution. The partner university reviews the nominations, makes the final decision, and issues the Letter of Acceptance to the successful students.

You need to check out the course information from the websites of the host institutions before deciding the exchange choices, to ensure that there are suitable courses for you to take. You will also need to discuss the study plan with the faculty advisor and/or the Program Director. This advisory process is important to ensure that students are taking appropriate courses, in the sense that you fulfil the graduation requirements. It would be useful for students to review their major program requirements before seeking advice.

International students attending student exchange program on a reciprocal basis will pay the tuition fee at your home university and not to VinUni. Students will need to pay for visa, travel, insurance and living expenses while studying at VinUni.

You can choose to live in VinUni dormitories, a truly co-living, co-working, and co-learning environment. VinUniversity campus is located at Vinhomes Ocean Park, Gia Lam, Ha Noi. Our campus accommodation is not guaranteed and is treated on a first come, first served basis for exchange students. Yet, you can always rent accommodation off campus just within walking distance at Vinhomes Apartment Buildings. You can find more information about Vinhomes serviced apartments at this link: Vinhomes Serviced Residences.

You should prepare the most essential items because it is very easy to buy more if needed. For example:

– Clothes, socks, shoes, slippers, toiletries, brushes, towels, swimwear, sport shoes.

– Basic medicine: fever-reducer, urgo tape, herb oil and stomachache medicine.

– Souvenirs with sentimental value can be kept in the room, family picture for instance.

– Minimal stationery: pens, notebooks … Stationery can be purchased at grocery stores

– Laptop

There are three intakes per year, Fall (September – February), Summer (July – August) and Spring (February – June).

While the Student Exchange Program on reciprocal basis is open to students from our partner universities only, students from other universities can join the Study Away/ Short Course Programs to study at VinUni.

Inbound exchange students will work with student exchange office at your home university to apply for the visa to Vietnam. VinUni will provide you with necessary supporting documents and provide assistance as needed.

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