Webinar: Discover the Power of Data Science: Real-Life Case Studies and Pathways to Success

Event date: 17/03/2024

Bike-sharing systems are changing the urban transportation landscape. New York launched the largest bike-sharing system in North America in May 2013, and just 10 years later, monthly trips exceeded 4 million this past August.

Surprisingly, the day-to-day operations, the design of this system’s ongoing expansion, or even the biggest challenges like huge rush-hour usage imbalance, are resolved based on data science analysis.

❓What’s the mystery behind the “magic” of Data Science in operating bike-sharing systems during peak hours in North America?
❓What makes Data Science called the “sexiest” job of the 21st century by Harvard Business Review?
❓What knowledge and skills does the Bachelor of Data Science program at VinUniversity equip students with to meet the constantly changing demands of society?

Register for the “Discover the Power of Data Science” webinar to explore the power of Data Science through real-life case studies, learn about the distinctive features of the Data Science program at VinUni, and get “tips” for an impressive entry in Mini Contest 2 “Innovating with Data Science”!

👉Time: 9:00 AM, Sunday, 17/03/2024 (Vietnam Time)
👉 Webinar is held online on the Zoom platform
👉 Register here: https://bit.ly/VinUniDataScience_Webinar

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss and get answers to your questions from distinguished professors:
• Professor Wray Buntine – Program Director, College of Engineering and Computer Science VinUni, among the top 0.14% of the world’s most cited researchers in Information Systems and top 0.75% in Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing.
• Professor David Shmoys – Department of Computer Science, School of Operations Research and Information Engineering, Center for Data Science for Enterprise & Society, Cornell University.

👉 Learn more about Mini Contest 2 – “Innovating with Data Science” here: https://bit.ly/DS_Minicontest2