In the academic year 2021-2022, VinUniversity seeks to strengthen our pool of talents to grow as a truly multicultural academic environment in Vietnam. We have since attracted interests from candidates all over the world and have admitted and granted scholarships to international students.

VinUniversity persists in our strong commitment to diversity, which prompts the University to provide generous scholarships for international students.

We are offering Scholarships/ Fellowship for International students:

1. VinUniversity Merit-based scholarships:

  • Students who possess outstanding academic capabilities, creativity, aspiration, and commitment, will be granted scholarships that cover 90% –100% of tuition fees for the entire period of study at VinUniversity! (scholarships amount to approximately $126,000 – $141,500 per program)
  • Students with exceptional talent will be granted full scholarships covering 100% of tuition fee plus ~ 1,500 USD for living expense

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2. VinUniversity Need-sensitive International Fellowship:

  • Cover 50% – 80% tuition fee for the entire period of study at VinUniversity, equivalent to US$70,000 – US$ 112,000

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*to receive the International Scholarship, a recipient must be an international student and is offered admission to VinUniversity as an undergraduate student.

VinUniversity is opening Special Admission Round to better accommodate international and talented candidates. Specifically, for International students, the initial application process is exempted and appropriate candidates can directly move on to the interview round with the Admissions Council of VinUniversity. There is a commitment that applicants will be assessed quickly and comprehensively. Within 5 working days of application submission, appropriate candidates will receive an invitation to the interview.

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