There are some video and guidelines that can help you explore Residence life in dorm:

  • Introduction video: HERE
  • Do & Don’t video: HERE
  • Residence Life guideline: HERE

We assign students based on diversification of disciplinary and regions. CBM students may be assigned to share a room with students from CHS or CECS. Moreover, possibly that the Hanoi friend will live with their Lam Dong Plateau or Mekong Delta counterparts. This diversity will facilitate the development of cross-disciplinary as well as enhance teamwork, responsibility, and independence. VinUni is only responsible for assigning students to their rooms. Other decisions such as bed choice, chores arrangement and decoration should be made within roommates.

The school has separate residence area for male and female students.

You are welcome to have meal at the canteen, which serves three meals daily. Additionally, processed food such as bread or pastries can be found at Fresh Garden store or vending machines around campus.

At VinUni, the dormitory is a safe common area for students to learn, live, and socialize; therefore, it is not equipped with cooking amenities. The school does, however, equip a microwave in each apartment, which can be used to reheat meals ordering from Grabfood or prepare frozen pizza.

Please clean up after use and respect others’ privacy while preparing and eating food.

The Vinhomes Ocean Park neighborhood is densely packed with convenience stores and eateries of various kinds (about a 5-minute walk from the school gate). Students will be given a list of these shops when they are admitted.

Laundry room is located on the first floor of the dorm. You can either use the coin-operated washing/drying machine in the laundry room or contact the supplier for laundry services.

You can invite your parents or friends to visit the school and dormitory area by completing the registration form three days in advance. Guests should often be greeted in the dormitory’s common area, but you may only invite them into your room if your roommates agree.

Your visitors will not be permitted to stay in a dorm room overnight.  If your family members come from far distance, they will be arranged to stay in Guest room (with additional fee). You must register with the Dormitory Manager in advance to ensure that your family members have a safe and convenient stay when they visit.

The use of cigarettes is clearly bad for your health. The entire VinUni campus is non-smoking zone. As a result, smoking will be prohibited.


VinUni has assisted students to form different clubs. We also arrange extracurricular activities, community activities, student bonding initiatives, and a range of sports. Participating in these clubs, activities, and programs will not only help you relieve stress but also advance your personal development.

VinUni focuses on supporting students both physically and mentally through First year experience program. Students will have the opportunity to participate in the Healthy Lifestyle program, which includes both theoretical and practical teachings on how to think, exercise, and eat healthily. VinUni also organizes sharing sessions with experts or psychological therapy meetings with professionals to guarantee that our students will have the opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings during their first year experience.


VinUni will implement programs to assist students in catching up new program and curriculum. You should firstly meet up with your peer advisor or academic advisor.

You will be also equipped self-study skills including questioning and presenting.  At the same time, Work-Study program will create chances for great students to tutor and share their knowledge and experiences with others, that allows everyone to stay on track.

Hanoi is an enthralling city. You are allowed to leave campus after school, however, it is important that you must return to dormitory by 11 p.m. Moreover, students will be able to participate in a range of VinUni activities to experience more about Hanoi and its history culture.


– Internet: As a student, you have access to free high-speed wifi.

– Working Space/Maker Space: At VinUni, there are several open working places such as the library and reading rooms around campus, where students can occupy.

– Library: You may take full advantage of free online library. In case of renting a physical book, avoid tearing, losing, or ruining it, since it will hinder other students from utilizing it. Moreover, an additional fee will be charged if the book is damaged or lost.

– Photocopying: Copiers is available in the library with suitable fee.

– ATM: VinUni has placed an ATM of BIDV on the first level of the main building.

– Billiards, foosball, and entertainment: Billiards, foosball, and other games are available for free use in the dormitory common area.

– Student Clubs: At VinUni, student clubs will have their own spaces for their activities.

– Swimming pool, gym, and stadium: All these amenities are provided free of charge at the Sport Complex. The opening time of each sporting facility will be informed to you.

– Studio tech: Students have unrestricted access to the recording studio for learning purposes. Before students enroll, VinUni will inform you the opening time of each recording studio.


You need bring your own laptop when you come to VinUni. If your computer isn’t working properly, you can get support from VinUni IT Helpdesk.


You should bring only the necessities, avoid overpacking since you can easily purchase anything here in Hanoi.

Some necessities could be:

– Clothing, socks, shoes, slippers, toothbrushes, face towels, towels, swimwear, and athletic shoes.

– Personal care such as prescription medication, medicated oil, urgo bandage and some pain killer.

– Spiritually/meaningful objects, such as family photos.

– A few personal stationeries such as pens and notebooks. You can always purchase more from stationery stores around VinUni if needed.

– Personal computer (laptop).


Yes. You are allowed to leave your bicycles and motorcycles in the dormitory parking lot without additional charges. All parking fees are already included in the monthly fee. Those who ride electric motorcycles can charge your batteries at charging points located in the parking area. In terms of car, you have one free parking slot.

Learning, living, and growing together is emphasized in modern higher education. Living on campus will help you become more acquainted with new obligations, both small and large, as well as a better grasp of numerous parts of life, such as time management, physical training, and employment. Living on campus may also help you to maintain positive social networks and friendship interactions. Many of the world’s most influential ideas and enterprises came from a solid friendship, such as Microsoft’s Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer, Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and, most recently, Mark Zuckerberg and his Harvard classmates, etc. At VinUni, you will not only share a dorm room, but you will also acquire independence and share your experience and knowledge with all VinUni members, especially Faculty-in-residence, who will live with you in the dorm.

Yes. Aside from seminars and group projects, there are plenty of quiet spaces for individuals with a soaring soul who crave silence. VinUni has function rooms available for meditating or praying. The rose garden, which has 55 different species of roses, is also a wonderful spot to let your soul fly above your thoughts. At VinUni outdoor sports area, there are several areas where you may sit peacefully and observe your friends’ competition. Outdoor Amphitheatre is also an excellent location for improvising a dance or singing a familiar song.

For active students, there are various student clubs with many interesting plans. Many competitions take place on sports fields as well. VinUni 1,500-seat auditorium is anticipated to attract future performers. If you prefer multimedia, the One-Button Studio will help your career shine rapidly by offering a recording function ranging from basic to professional. VinUni will be your second home, no matter your personality.