Vu Song Linh, MD

Vu Song Linh, MD

College of Health Sciences


Vu Song Linh, MD, MSc has 24 years’ experience in examination and treatment for knee and hip osteoarthropathy; as well as sport injuries. Currently, he is working at Department of Orthopedics, Vinmec Times City International Hospital


  1. “Osteosynthesis by minimally invasive techniques”
  2. “Operative treatment of epicondyle elbow fracture in children by percutaneous nailing” – published on Journal of Medical Practice and Life & Health Newspaper
  3. MD. Vu Song Linh is presently the principle researcher of the topic “Knee osteoarthritis treatment by autologous stem cell transplant” at Vinmec Times City International Hospital


  • 2005: Graduated with Master’s Degree in Orthopedics from Hanoi Military Medical Academy
  • Intensive studying in knee and hip arthroplasty in Korea, US, Australia since 2003
  • Annual advanced training in arthroplasty and arthroscopy in US, Australia, France, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand