Phan Quynh Lan

Phan Quynh Lan, MD., PhD.

College of Health Sciences

Affiliate Faculty


Dr. Phan Quynh Lan earned her Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy from Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) in 1995. Her commitment to academic and professional growth led her to pursue further education at the same institution, culminating in the attainment of a Master’s degree in Science (Pharmacy) in 1999 and a Ph.D. degree (Clinical Pharmacy) in 2010. Notably, Dr. Lan was the first Vietnamese pharmacist to acquire a Master’s degree in Clinical Pharmacy overseas, having completed her studies at the University of South Australia in 2001.

Over the course of a decade dedicated to teaching at the Clinical Pharmacy department of Hanoi University of Pharmacy, Dr. Lan contributed significantly to the field. She co-authored several textbooks designed for the training of clinical pharmacists and served as a member of the advisory board at the Drug Administration of Vietnam, offering her expertise in pharmacology and clinical pharmacy. Her impact extended beyond the academic realm, as she provided guidance and insights to hospital pharmacy departments, aiding in the development of clinical pharmacy services. Dr. Lan also assumed the role of team leader for a project funded by the Netherlands, focused on enhancing the teaching capabilities of clinical pharmacy for lecturers from six Pharmacy universities across the country from 2008 to 2011.

Joining Vinmec Healthcare system since 2011, Dr. Lan is currently the Director of Pharmacy of the Company cum Vinmec Times City International Hospital’s Head of Pharmacy. Beside professional activities in Pharmacy, she also provides training sessions on different areas including management skill for manager, communication skill in healthcare setting for Vinmec staff.