Pham Xuan My, PhD

Pham Xuan My, PhD

Associate Professor, Adjunct Faculty

College of Arts and Sciences


Since 1968, he has studied at Hanoi National University, majoring in Mathematics. In 1972, he postponed his studies and joined the Vietnam People’s Army. After the war ended, in 1976, he continued his studies and received a bachelor’s degree in Mathematics.

– In 1977, he attended the Central School of Propaganda (now the Academy of Journalism and Propaganda – AJC). Since 1980 he has been a history lecturer at AJC. Dr. My started his PhD in 1987 and in May 1991 he received his PhD in History from the Academy of Social Sciences (AOH – former Soviet Union) with the thesis topic: “Foreign policy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam – progress and Doi Moi (1975-1986)”.

– From 1991, he returned to AJC as a lecturer, Dean of the History Department of the Communist Party of Vietnam, and was promoted to Senior Lecturer; Central Reporter. In 2009, he was conferred the title of Associate Professor of Political Science.


  • History of Vietnam
  • History of the Communist Party of Vietnam
  • Marxism – Leninism
  • Political science in Vietnam and the world
  • Biography, thought, morality and style of Ho Chi Minh
  • World History
  • History of international political relations
  • History of Vietnamese journalism


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Pham Xuan My. (2021) History of the Communist Party of Vietnam used in universities. National Political Publishing House, Hanoi

Pham Xuan My. (2019) Giáo trình Giáo dục Chính trị : Dùng trong đào tạo Cao đẳng và Trung cấp chuyên nghiệp. Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs