Pham Thi Van Hanh

Pham Thi Van Hanh

College of Health Sciences


Dr. Hanh has 37 years’ experience in Pediatrics with her strength in examination and treatment of pediatric diseases, as well as treatment and management for children with HIV/AIDS. She was formerly Head of Department of Infection at Hai Phong Children hospital for years before working in Pediatrics Department III – Pediatrics Center at Vinmec Times City International hospital as present.


  1. Presented research projects:
  • Encephalitis in children
  • Diagnosis, treatment, management for children infected and exposed with HIV/AIDS
  • Febris Orientalis
  • Drug-resistant typhoid


  • Graduated First Degree Specialty in Pediatrics in 1991 from Hanoi University of Medicine
  • Graduated Second Degree Specialty in Pediatrics – Infection in 2014 from Hanoi University of Medicine