Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tu, MD

Nguyen Ngoc Thanh Tu, MD

Faculty, Integrated Clinical Teaching

College of Health Sciences


In 2015, Dr. Tu Nguyen earned her Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Medicine and Pharmacy Ho Chi Minh City. Motivated by the conviction that high-quality education is a fundamental right, not merely a privilege, she embarked on a journey in the United States for residency training. Commencing in early 2016, she undertook the USMLE exams, achieving ECFMG certification in 2017.

Dr. Tu Nguyen successfully completed a 3-year Internal Medicine residency at Weiss Memorial Hospital, affiliated with the University of Illinois Chicago, in 2022. Subsequently, she pursued a 1-year Sleep Medicine fellowship at the University of Illinois Chicago in 2023.

Throughout her training, Dr. Tu Nguyen actively participated in hospital quality improvement projects. Her notable contributions earned her a state-level American College of Physician QI project award for her initiative, “Improving the Use of Dexamethasone in Hospitalized COVID Patients.” Additionally, she received national recognition by winning the 2022 ACP Quality Improvement Residency Program award at the ACP Advance Quality Improvement program, significantly enhancing the profile of the educational program at Weiss Hospital.
Beyond her clinical achievements, Dr. Tu Nguyen is a dedicated educator, mentoring junior colleagues, medical students, and patients alike.

Furthermore, Dr. Nguyen is deeply committed to Sleep Medicine, recognizing its novelty in Vietnam. Understanding the importance of sleep for daily life, she aspires to educate healthcare providers about the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders. Driven by a desire to improve the quality of life for Vietnamese patients, she aims to contribute to the advancement of Sleep Medicine in her home country.


Quality improvement, preventive medicine, sleep health, obstructive sleep apnea


Poster presentation

  • Utilization of Self-efficacy measure of sleep apnea questionnaire (SEMSA) to estimate patient’s positive airway pressure treatment adherence. Tu N.T Nguyen, Victoria Lennox, Ali Warda, Ashesha Mechineni, Harkirat Mann, Ani Pattisapu, Prasad Bharati”. Poster Presented at American Academy of Sleep Medicine national meeting in June 2023.
  • Predicting incident hypertension in obstructive sleep apnea using machine learning. Omid Hamili Milani, Tu Nguyen, Enis Cetin, Prasad Bharati. Poster Presented at American Academy of Sleep Medicine national meeting in June 2023.
    Machine Learning Model Predicts Daytime Alertness Impairment in OSA using Clinical Polysomnography. Deepika Aggrawal, Tu Nguyen ,Andrea Torniainen, Tazeena Khan, David Carley, Dan Schonfeld, Bharati Prasad. Presented at University of Illinois College of Medicine Research Day. 2023
    Quality improvement: Dexamethasone in hospitalized COVID patient at Weiss hospital. Tu NT. Nguyen, Carlos R Mantila, Ahmet Yassa, Sabah A. Khan., ACP QI 7th annual national meeting, 2022
  • Age- related characteristics and outcomes of COVID pneumonia patients in a community hospital. Tu NT. Nguyen, Raj Patel, Elena Baltag, Khemaporn Lerdetkajorn, Liana Srisawitri., Poster presented at ACP Northern Illinois chapter meeting. 2021


  • Predicting Daytime Alertness Impairment in Obstructive Sleep Apnea. Ali Warda, Victoria Mariah Lennox, Tu Nguyen, Shanta Ghosh, Sanjib Basu, Magdy Younes, David W Carley, Bharati Prasad, Bethany Gerardy, 0551, Sleep, Volume 46, Issue Supplement_1, May 2023, Page A243,
  • NEW DISCOVERY: Gas Bubbles Rupture in the Coronary Arteries is Most Likely the Mechanism Breaking the Thin Cap of Plaques Causing Acute Coronary Syndrome. Thach Nguyen, Thao Dang, Tu NT. Nguyen , Cat Hoang Anh , Pham Le Huy Hoang , Tarneem Darwish , Gianluca Rigatelli , Ernest Talarico. 10.1016/j.jacc.2018.08.528
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  • Two-year Follow-up of a New Test which Correctly Predicted Which Patients with Borderline Hypotension Might Develop Hypotension within the Next 24 Hours. Thach Nguyen, Thao Dang, Tu NT. Nguyen, Tran Huynh Thu Dung, Thai Ba Anh Minh, Nguyen Hua Hoang Quan, Tarneem Darwish, Gianluca Rigatelli.
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  • New Technique of Visualization of Laminar, Turbulent Flow and Measurement of Velocity and dynamic coronary pressure. Thach Nguyen, Nguyen Bao Tran Chau, Luu Thi Phuong Thuy, Thao Dang, Tu NT. Nguyen, Tarneem Darwish, Gianluca Rigatelli, Ernest Talarico.
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  • Assessment of the Blood Flow in the Subepicardial and Subendocardial Myocardium Before and After Percutaneous Coronary Interventions. Thach Nguyen, Thao Dang, Tu NT. Nguyen, Le Dieu Anh, Le Nhan Tam, Tarneem Darwish, Gianluca Rigatelli.


  • Honorable mention, University of Illinois Research abstract competition, 2023
  • ACP QI Advance Residency Program Winner (National prize), 2022
  • 3rd place, ACP Illinois chapter abstract competition, 2021


  • M.D. in University of Medicine and Pharmacy, 2015
  • Internal Medicine residency, Weiss Memorial Hospital, Chicago, 2022
  • Sleep Medicine Fellowship, University of Illinois Chicago, 2023