Nguyen Dac Nghia

Nguyen Dac Nghia, Assoc. Prof., MD, PhD

Program Director, Medical Doctor Program, College of Health Sciences


Dr. Nguyen Dac Nghia graduated in medicine in 1978 from Pécs Medical School of Hungary. During the war, he served in the army as Military Medical Officer for 6 years. Dr Nghia then registered for the course of specialization in Orthopedics in 1987.  Since the year of 1989, he has become Orthopedic Surgeon and working as the Head of Orthopedic Surgery Department of Saint Paul Hospital in Hanoi before joining Vinmec as Head of Orthopedic Surgery Unit, Vinmec International Hospital Times City in 2012.

He has four research trials that were approved by Hanoi Department of Sciences and Technology, and nine publications from 1997 to 2010. He was the former Secretary – General of Vietnam Orthopedic Association and currently a member of Asian Orthopeadic Association.