Lien Trinh

Lien Trinh, MPH, MBA, MA

College of Arts and Sciences

Senior Lecturer


Ms Lien Trinh is currently a faculty member of the College of of Arts and Science, and a Student Counselor at VinUniversity. She teaches a GenEd course – Healthy Lifestyle, and a liberal arts elective course – Music Appreciation.

Lien Trinh is a US Fulbright Scholar (2001-2003) and a recipient of New Zealand Outstanding Alumni Awards (Nov 2020). Currently, she is in the completion phase of her PhD study in Education and Higher Education at University of Otago, New Zealand. Her post-graduate academic qualifications include Master in Public Health (New Zealand), Master in Business Administration (New Zealand), and Master in Communications (USA). She earned a BA in Teacher’s Training at Hanoi National University.

Lien Trinh held several positions in the fields of healthcare, education, and social work. Prior to VinUni, she worked as Chief Operation Officer at Vinmec Times City International Hospital (Hanoi). Lien Trinh spent almost 20 years living abroad and before returning to Vietnam in early 2019, she had worked for health and wellbeing as well as academic programs in the US and New Zealand. Her career focus is on education and higher education, health and wellbeing promotion, youth and children development, gender and sexuality, sexual health, and hospital operations management.