James Collin

James Collin, PhD

Senior Lecturer, College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. James Collin received an MA in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews, and an MSc and PhD in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh. Prior to his appointment at VinUniversity, he was a lecturer in philosophy at the University of Edinburgh and the University of Glasgow. James works in various intersecting areas in philosophy, including epistemology, the metaphysics of science, and philosophy of religion. His main research focus is on semantic inferentialist accounts of semantic meaning, and their implications for these areas of philosophy.

He has published in a number of edited collections, the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and journals such as Acta Analytica, Analysis, Erkenntnis, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, Philosophy Compass, Religions, Religious Studies, Synthese, Topoi, and Zygon. James is an AdvanceHE Fellow, and a Chartered Member of the Association for Learning Technology.

PhD and MSc in Philosophy from the University of Edinburgh
MA in Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews