Do Linh Anh

Do Linh Anh, MA

Pre-College Program Director, College of Arts and Sciences


Ms. Linh Anh earned her BSc in Economics from the University of Bristol and her MSc in Management from Imperial College London (World Top 10 Universities), where she continuously ranked among the cohort’s top performers and won numerous academic prizes in Entrepreneurship and Finance.

Prior to joining CAS, she worked in the Provost’s Office in 2021 and graduated from Cornell University’s (World Top 15 Universities) Early Faculty Development program in 2022, during which she completed a variety of research on Teaching Entrepreneurship and Public Health for Women and Youth.

Linh Anh was instrumental in launching a number of programs at VinUni, including the Entrepreneurship Lab, the VinUni Global Case Competition, and the Teenage Startup Bootcamp. She worked at Vingroup for over 8 years before joining VinUni, and also spent 2 years at a Swedish venture-building firm (value of +200 million USD). Her professional experience spans from retail, hospitality, financial services, e-commerce to construction management.

Linh Anh is also an active participant in representing Vietnamese youth in domestic and international forums, having given speeches and presentations in front of senior ASEAN political figures. Most notably, she was selected as the Best Young Delegate at the 11th ASEAN Youth Forum in 2021, being the first Vietnamese representative to receive such a prestigious award. Linh Anh believes in assisting young people to become steadfast contributors to the advancement of society and the economy, and takes much joy in teaching and working with students.

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