College of Business and Management | The Hospitality Lab

At the College of Business and Management, we are here to hone your skills to compete on the international hospitality stage. The H-Lab strives to support the development of future hospitality leaders via:

  • Food Safety Training Programs that are professionally developed to address the building blocks for food safety in the foodservice industry.
  • Food and Beverage Tutored Tastings that help enhance their understanding and enjoyment of current and future culinary and beverage trends.
  • Competition and/or Events that offers a platform for innovating and developing new technologies, design and business concepts in the hospitality industry.
  • House of Sustainability and Technology (HoST) that serves as a platform to disseminate knowledge organized under the themes of technology and sustainability.

And to provide you with a superb learning environment that is conductive to nurturing and allowing you to fulfil your full potential and succeed in the hospitality industry, the H-Lab is equipped with a:

  • Innovative High-Tech Flex-Cooking Area that connects the VinUniversity and the community in the art and science of food.
  • Dynamic State-of-the-Art Wine Classroom that supports beverage appreciation classes, industry training, and special event tastings.
  • Turn-Key, Hands-On Dining Area that fully equipped as a hub for sharing food and beverage industry knowledge and information.