VinUniversity – College of Engineering and Computer Science

Rooted in Vietnam to become a world-class university, VinUniversity invites global talents to join us to develop research and innovation that can promote positive and tangible impact to the lives of people, both locally and globally.

Eight reasons to consider joining VinUniversity:

  1. Attractive compensation with a dynamic tenure track, in which your performance will be measured by publications at top-tier journals and conferences, as well as positive and tangible impact to the lives of people, both locally and globally.
  2. Potential for competitive seed-funding, up to $100,000 for tenure-track faculty and potentially more for distinguished faculty, to support their research in the first three years at VinUniversity.
  3. Opportunities to strengthen your research team by awarding up to 30 PhD and postdoctoral scholarships per year under the Vingroup Science and Technology Scholarship Program to conduct research at VinUniversity in collaboration with other top universities in the world.
  4. Professional development fund of $6,000 per year for tenure track faculty, disbursed at your disposal.
  5. Research mentorship program with Cornell professors on research projects for new assistant professors to fast track their career in academia.
  6. VinUniversity students are among the top 2% in the country, passionate and hungry to learn. We are applying for launching the first PhD programs (including in Computer Science), expected in Fall 2021.
  7. Strong and deep connection to the country’s largest and most prestigious companies in the fields of healthcare, hospitality, car manufacturing, retail and real estate which will leverage our research focus on Smart Health – Smart Service –  Smart Tourism – Smart Manufacturing.
  8. Spacious and modern workplace in a beautiful, newly built campus in Hanoi, one of the fastest growing cities in Asia.

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