Nguyen Viet Thu, MD

Nguyen Viet Thu, MD

College of Health Sciences


Nguyen Viet Thu. MD has many years of experience working in the field of imaging diagnostics, former secretary of the Head of Specialized image diagnosis in Ha Noi, professional guidance at units about specialized image diagnosis in HaNoi Health Department. Currently, the doctor is working at the Diagnostic Imaging and Nuclear Medicine Department – Vinmec Times City International Hospital

Selected publications

  1. Study of the characteristics of cerebral perfusion in patients with internal carotid artery infarction on multi-detector computed tomography (2010)
  2. Characteristics of images on transvaginal ultrasound of patients with ectopic pregnancy and comparison with post surgical results at Thanh Nhan Hospital (2011)
  3. Study of images on Doppler ultrasound carotid arteries of patients with internal carotid artery infarction (2013)

Selected awards and honors

  • Awarded many certificates of merit: Advanced labor and grassroots emulation soldiers


  • Graduated from HaNoi Medical University in 1997.
  • Graduated Master’s degree of Specialized Diagnostic Imaging of Hanoi Medical University in 2009.
  • Participate in many short-term training courses on Specialized Diagnostic Imaging with domestic and foreign experts.
  • Certificate in Nuclear Medicine – 108 Central Military Hospital in 2018.