Jenny Kyunghwa Chung, PhD

Jenny Kyunghwa Chung, PhD

Assistant Professor, College of Business and Management

College of Business and Management


Kyunghwa Chung is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the College of Business and Management. She earned her Ph.D. from Seoul National University. Her research focuses on service technology, metaverse, human-computer interaction, etc. She enjoys interdisciplinary research and collaboration with other scholars in diverse fields. Her research was published in various peer-reviewed journals including Service Science, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, and Clothing and Textiles Research Journal. Prior to joining VinUniversity, she taught at several universities in Korea.


  • Service Technology
  • Service Efficiency
  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Metaverse
  • Service Experience


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  • Excellence Award, 2022 Spring Conference of the Korean Society for Production Management.
  • VinUniversity Seed Funding Grant (Principal Investigator), “Evolving Digital Consumer Behavior and Social Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM): A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Data from Consumer and Firm”, VinUniversity, Vietnam, 2021-2023, USD 50,000.
  • Lecturer Research Grant (Principal Investigator), “Consumer Emotional Responses to Chatbot”, #2019S1A5B5A07093839, National Research Foundation of Korea, South Korea, 2019-2020, USD 11,000.
  • Young Researcher Grant (Principal Investigator), “A Study on Retail Firms’ Omni-Channel Management Using System Dynamics”, #2017S1A5A8022718, National Research Foundation of Korea, South Korea, 2017-2019, USD 33,000.
  • Best Research Grant (Principal Investigator), “The Influence of Luxury Brands’ Cross-Border Acquisition on Consumer Brand Perception”, #2015S1A5A2A02049670, National Research Foundation of Korea, South Korea, 2015-2016, USD 4,500.