As the head of the Program, I am usually asked about life as a doctor. We do not have to go far as our Patient 91 is the living example of doctors who work tirelessly. His tribute to health professionals is a testament that we are at the forefront of a pandemic that we never thought of. While everyone was urged to stay home, we were out dealing with the crisis to save humanity. In reality, this is what life as a doctor entails whether there is a pandemic or not. We try your best with team and leave no stone unturned. There are times when we cannot save a life and we have to deal with the grief, while keeping our commitment to the profession.

It can only happen if you have that passion! “ the passion to serve humanity” and if you are visiting this page there is no doubt that somewhere in the corner of your heart and mind a doctor lives. So welcome to the introduction to MD program at VinUniversity.

Our six–year MD Program is designed to develop future leaders in healthcare for local and global needs. In one sentence, the program is designed to graduate doctors who are good Clinicians with sound knowledge, Professionals who have the heart that puts patients first and Researchers who constantly look for best evidence in Medicine. This is what we call CPR an acronym that every health professional is aware of.

We are available to answer your queries, show you around and if any of your family members wants to be part of the education and training of medical graduates, MD Partners allows you to join our team.

Remember that the doctors we are training today will take care of us tomorrow.

Zarrin S Siddiqui