We are now in the process of selecting our fourth cohort of medical students. It is time to reflect on what we have achieved in our formative years. MD Program is a unique program as we do not have a standardized entrance exam. We rather look at the applicant as a person who wants to serve the humanity either as a clinician or a researcher. The past academic performance does matter but we also look at the interests/hobbies and non-academic activities of our applicants.  Again, we also consider participation in these activities relative to the opportunity and personal circumstances. The interview process allows us to explore more about the applicant and make a final decision.

We have now admitted three cohorts of students and are amazed by the energy they bring to MD program. Many of our students are leading several initiatives. They are also key members on all the committees for the MD program governance and provide feedback on behalf of student body.

Our students are actively involved in scholarly activities and are provided opportunities to connect with experts at national and international level.

Although 70% of our students have some specialty/career in mind when they come for interview the evidence in literature says that these choices change as students move from one clinical rotation to another. Therefore, we have launched “career conversations over a cup of tea” right from year one to provide exposure to specialists and researchers/entrepreneurs to get insights into different careers after graduation.

If you are visiting this page to:

  1. apply for a place in our MD program and have queries that are still unanswered.
  2. get some information and would like to be part of our team as a volunteer, we always have a place for community members/mentors who can play a role in the training of future workforce.
  3. Work with us, we have multiple career opportunities and careers section may provide more information.
  4. Arrange for an exchange/elective or an internship in medical education, we welcome you at our beautiful campus.

Please do not hesitate to write back to me at zarrin.ss@vinuni.edu.vn

Zarrin S Siddiqui


November 2022