Vietnam Business Case Competition (VBCC), empowered by Cornell University, is an annual case competition organized by VinUniversity in collaboration with an industry partner. The competition aims at searching for and nurturing business talents among Vietnamese undergraduate students. VBCC is your chance to practice case-solving and be challenged by a panel of industry-academia leading professionals, which is an experience rarely gained while studying.

This year is the first ever competition partnering with Vincom Retail. The theme is “Rejuvenate the future of retail experience”.


  • EXPERIENCE solving real-life business case challenge relevant to the Vietnamese context
  • CHALLENGED by world-class professors and a panel of industry-leading professionals
  • STAND OUT by demonstrating your case-solving skills
  • ENHANCE your resume for future career development
  • CONNECT with fellow talented Vietnamese young undergraduates
  • WIN attractive prizes


* This schedule and all times are subject to change.

* For teams qualified for Final Round but are based outside of Hanoi, return flights and accommodation will be covered



  • Form your team of 04 members who come from any university & register here: Registration Link
  • All members have to be qualified for the competition’s criteria mentioned as following:
    • Undergraduate students from any disciplines
    • Currently reside in Vietnam
    • At least one member can communicate fluently in English
*High school students (or other special requests) may form teams and submit registration. Applications from these teams will be considered on a case by case basis.

*Refer to the following Case Rules for more information.


Please find the answer for commonly asked question about VBCC here.


  • First Place (Champion): Voucher Vincom Retail (value of 35 million VND in total) and 3 days 2 nights Vinpearl stay. VinUniversity offers 15 million VND cash for all team members.
  • Second Place: Voucher Vincom Retail (value of 20 million VND in total), 2 days 1-night Vinpearl stay. VinUniversity offers 10 million VND cash.
  • Third Place: Voucher Vincom Retail (value of 10 million VND in total). VinUniversity offers 3 million VND cash.
  • Three Merit Awards: Voucher Vincom Retail (value of 3.5 million VND in total). VinUniversity offers 1.5 million VND cash.

(*) The Prizes for the winning team to share among team members.

The Champion has the possibility to collaborate with Vincom Retail to implement the solution. Moreover, all members of selected teams in the preliminary round will receive a Certificate of Participation (signed by co-hosts and Cornell University’s representatives).




VinUniversity is a private, not-for-profit Vietnamese university established based on international standards. The university integrates the models of excellent international universities with the unique cultural and economic characteristics of Vietnam, in order to make a breakthrough in Vietnamese higher education and to become a world-class university.

Vincom Retail JSC

As a premier operator of shopping malls, Vincom Retail owns four distinct brands: Vincom Center, Vincom Mega Mall, Vincom Plaza, and Vincom+. Together, these brands give Vincom a nationwide presence. With 15 years of experience, it has also become the largest owner of retail space in Vietnam.

Cornell University

Cornell is a privately endowed research university and a partner of the State University of New York. They also belong to the prestigious Ivy League. In this case competition, Cornell faculty will provide two preparation workshops for participants and judge the final round.



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