Nguyen Van Thinh, MPP

Nguyen Van Thinh, MPP

Academic Assistant, College of Arts and Sciences


Mr. Thinh is joining the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, VinUniversity, as the academic assistant.

Previously, he served as a researcher in Central Institute for Economics Management, a government think-tank which construct sound foundation for shaping effective policies for economic development in Vietnam. He is also a co-founders of F-Group, a non-profit independent network which promotes a public consensus on free market and individual liberty through academic seminars, printed publications, and translation.

Regarding qualification, Thinh graduated from Hitotsubashi University in Tokyo, Japan with a master’s degree of Public Economics. He was awarded the Director’s Prize for Academic Achievement and the Best Thesis Prize for his study on the institution’s impacts and firm’s performance in transitional economies.

Joining VinUni, Mr. Thinh hopes to contribute to enrich student’s experiences by practical and insightful learning which create a quantum leap for students in pursuing their future careers.


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  • School of International and Public Policy-Hitotsubashi University
    Master of Public Policy (Public Economics), Asian Public Policy Program Top 3 GPA, Full scholarship, Merit-based
  • University of Economics and Businesses Vietnam National University, Hanoi
    Bachelor of International Economics and Business, Honor Program, Grade: Distinction


  • The only Vietnamese delegate to participate in Asia Liberty Forum co-hosted by the Center for Indonesian Policy Studies and the Atlas Network
  • “The Best Thesis Award” & “The Director’s list for outstanding academic achievement in the 2016/2017 program”, awarded by Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo, Japan
  • “The First prize of Student Research in 2010” awarded by Vietnam National University, Hanoi
  • “The Third prize of National Student Scientific Research in 2010”awarded by Ministry of Education and Training, Vietnam