Michael Clark, PhD

Michael Clark, PhD

Faculty, College of Arts and Sciences


Dr. Clark earned his PhD in Philosophy from the University of Manchester, where he also earned his MRes and BA (Hons) degrees in Philosophy. Before joining Vin University, Dr. Clark was the director of the Graduate Programs in Philosophy and Religion at Assumption University in Bangkok (2017-2021), Postdoctoral Research Associate in Philosophy at the University of Hamburg (2014-2017), and Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philosophy at the University of Cambridge (2013-2014).

Dr. Clark has research interests in a range of topics in metaphysics, especially those relating to grounding, fundamentality, and modality. His recent research has centred on applications of these concepts to debates in the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of mathematics, and the philosophy of time. In addition to working in metaphysics, Dr. Clark has growing interests in social epistemology and Asian philosophy, and he has a new research project that focuses on Asian philosophical perspectives on the phenomenon of fake news. His research has been published in philosophical journals including Analysis, Erkenntnis, Synthese, The Philosophical Quarterly, and Thought.

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  1. “What grounds what grounds what”, The Philosophical Quarterly, 68:270 (2018)
  2. “Grounding, mental causation, and overdetermination” with Nathan Wildman, Synthese 195:8 (2018)
  3. “A puzzle about partial grounding”, Thought 4:3 (2015)
  4. “Recent work on grounding” with David Liggins, Analysis 72:4 (2012)
  5. “Inclusionism and the problem of unmarried husbands” Erkenntnis 73:1 (2010)


  • Metaphysics
  • Epistemology
  • Asian Philosophy