The ground-breaking ceremony on 14 November , 2018, marked the first step towards building the physical foundation for the VinUniversity campus, the home of Vietnam’s world-class VinUniversity. The campus is located in the VinCity Ocean Park in Gia Lam District, Hanoi, Vietnam, with total area of 420 hectares. With only a 19% building density and with 117 hectares dedicated for trees and natural areas, the campus will be an ideal setting for self-directed and collaborative learning, peaceful introspection, and inspirational beauty.

In the first period, VinUni will be built over an area of 23 hectares, with total investment of VND 5,000 billion. The initial project consists of the main campus building for classrooms, academic offices, laboratories, library, and other learning and collaboration spaces.

The landscape, architecture, and interior at VinUniversity deliver the optimal learner-centered environment. Lecture halls and classrooms will be designed to enable a highly flexible and adaptable learning environment, suitable for lectures, interactive and collaborative learning models, and the most advanced teaching methods, such as team-based learning (TBL), project-based learning (PBL), action-based learning (ABL), and simulation-based learning (SBL).

Campus from different angles

The campus has been designed by leading architects from multi-national corporations, including AECOM and HBA, and verified by our strategic partners, Cornell University and the University of Pennsylvania.

VinUni’s architecture represents a harmony between a neoclassical façade and a state-of-the-art and high-tech interior.

VinUni Campus

The VinUni campus is located in the mega-urban complex of VinCity Ocean Park in Gia Lam District, Hanoi.