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At the university level, there are three ways in which full time VinUni faculty can apply for internal funding:

  • Seed Grant: each faculty member is allowed to apply for one seed grant for up to $100, 000 USD. There is usually one round of Seed Grant application, around September-October. Seed Grants are usually issued in December- January. Funds can be spread out over a period of one to three years. The announcement will be send to all VinUni faculty and posted on the research website. 
  • Throughout the year, faculty can apply for Fast Track funding for up to $25,000 USD. These funds are available to those who have not received any other funding from VinUni. Application period for this funding is open. Faculty who wish to apply should email vpo@vinuni.edu.vn
  • Funding from Research Centers: VinUni is in the process of developing Research Centers that will be hubs of research around specific areas of inquiry. Faculty who wish to conduct research related to the centers may apply for funding from the centers when there is a call for proposals. Information about these opportunities will be posted as they become available. 

Details of the Seed Grant process, including the application form and timeline, are described on the website HERE. All proposals must be submitted using the VinUni proposal management system, CAYUSE. You can find guides for navigating Cayuse HERE.

If you successfully applied for a Seed Grant, congratulations! 

You will be asked to accept the terms of the grant in CAYUSE. Once you have agreed to the terms, your project will be in “Active” status. You, as the Principal Investigator (PI), are the budget owner. You will be provided with an Internal Order (IO)  number with which you can use to process your financial expenses. You should be supported by your college’s academic assistants on this matter. All the expenses should be in accordance with your final proposed budget plan and recorded for the annual report. 

Seed Grants are approved on the basis of their expected contribution in the three priority areas for VinUni:

  1. building talent
  2. real life impact
  3. reputation building for VinUni

As PI, you will describe how the project will contribute to these priorities using the funds approved and in the timeline for the project. PIs will be accountable for delivering on those outcomes.

You can find the previously and currently funded Seed Grant projects here.

Details of the Fast Track project are available on the website at LINK. All proposals must be submitted using the VinUni research management system CAYUSE.

Similar to the Seed Grant project, you will get an approval email from the Vice Provost Office to accept the terms of your award in Cayuse. As PI for the project, you are the budget owner, and have the authority to spend funds in accordance with university policies and in line with the approved outcomes of the award.

All previously approved Fasttrack projects are listed on the VinUni website at LINK.