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Regulations on Intellectual Property, Copyright and Ownership of Data

Research data, publications, inventions and discoveries of commercial importance are a natural outcome of research and scholarly activity.  The purpose of VinUniversity’s Intellectual Policy (IP) policy is (1) to provide the necessary protections and incentives to encourage the discovery and development of new knowledge, its transfer for the public benefit and its use for development of the economy; (2) enhance the generation of revenue for the University and to provide financial and reputation benefits for the creator(s); and (3) preserve the University’s freedom to conduct research and scholarly activities, and to use the intellectual property it creates.

The policy applies to inventions and related intellectual property rights arising from the activities of its faculty, staff, students, and others who use university resources, including those provided through an externally funded grant, contract, or other type of award or gift to the university.

Policy Statements         

  • Employees students must disclose any inventions made during their appointment/study.
  • VinUniversity owns the intellectual property created by VinUniversity appointees, with exceptions as noted.
  • Only the University is authorized to license rights to university IP and assign licensing income.
  • In general, faculty and students own the copyrights to their scholarly works, with exceptions as noted.
  • Research data generated in the course of a VinUniversity appointment belongs to the University, with faculty as the de facto stewards.

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