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Regulations for Research Activity Management

The overarching goal for VinUniversity (VinUni) Research is to conduct research that has positive, measurable and significant impacts. VinUni is committed to responsible and ethical conduct of research and stewardship of research funds. Our commitment to conducting impactful and responsible research is reflected in the policies and procedures for designing, conducting, supporting and reporting research at VinUni. These policies and procedures (P&P) express VinUni’s core values, promote our compliance with applicable laws and regulations, and incorporate the considerations related to our unique relationship with the primary investor/capital contributor of VinUni, the Vingroup Corporation.

While these P&P cover the topics that are relevant to VinUni research today, they are subject to change based on our evolving needs, research imperatives and governing circumstances. In that respect, these P&P are neither complete nor absolute. Rather they will continue to evolve while at the same time remaining true to the overarching goal of conducting responsible and impactful research.

For complete regulations, please visit this link (VinGroup login required).