An entrepreneurial mindset, a passion to create a better world, and a determination to forge paths through unchartered territories — our researchers and scholars will pursue twenty-first century, cutting-edge research that includes concepts as diverse as the economics of the sustainable coffee industry, service innovations in the hospitality industry, and advances in medical technology.

Guiding Principles

Research at VinUniversity spans multiple disciplines and fields in the physical sciences, life sciences, health sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Across these diverse fields of study, our research intent and directions are driven by the following common goals:

  • Develop Future Talent
    • Research @ VinUni is an integral part of all its academic programs to develop talented future leaders including innovators, scientists, and entrepreneurs.
  • Develop Innovative Solutions for the Greater Good
    • Research @ VinUni will help develop innovative solutions to help Vietnam, the south-east Asian region, and the world achieve a higher quality of life.
  • Enhance Reputation of VinUniversity, VinGroup, and Vietnam
    • Research @ VinUni will lead the way for higher reputation and respect for intellectual and creative work from Vietnam.

Research Strategies

We plan to accomplish these goals by adopting the following strategies:

  • Conduct Research with Significance; Alignment with Goals
    • Identify themes and utilize resources in a manner that will drive the achievement of these goals
  • Conduct Rigorous Research; Measurable Outcomes
    • Research that is impactful, meaningful, measurable, and reliable and seeks to improve the human condition
  • Seek Focused, High-Quality Collaborations; Synergize with VinGroup
    • Partner with the VinGroup ecosystem to fine-tune research priorities and actions and optimize resources
    • Establish key collaborations to propel research forward and increase impact

Our Researchers

VinUniversity faculty are prolific scholars who have many publications in some of the highest ranked international and regional publications, in addition to several active international and local research collaborations with highly reputed organizations and universities. With this solid head start, VinUni research is already flourishing and there is always something happening on the VinUni research front. For some of the most recent publications and presentations from VinUni faculty, click here.

Seed Grant Program 2020

To accelerate groundbreaking research at VinUni towards achieving the objectives of Meaningful Impact for the Greater Good, Building Talent and Infrastructure for the Future, and Enhancing the Reputation of VinUniversity and VinGroup, a Seed Grant Program for VinUniversity researchers has been approved. Click here for details of the seed grant program.

College of Business & Management

College of Business & Management

The CBM faculty at VinUniversity is committed to conducting world-class research that is both rigorous and relevant. We aim to provide answers to practical real-world problems that can shape economic policy and influence the way business is done in Vietnam and around the world.

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College of Engineering & Computer Science

College of Engineering & Computer Science

Aligned with the University’s research goals of impact for the greater good, talent development, and enhancing reputations, the CECS research is centered around the broad theme of “Technology and Intelligence for Safety, Security, and Sustainability”.

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College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

We aim to develop knowledge, interventions, and technology to better understand the determinants and drivers of human disease, health, and healthcare, and to develop treatments to improve the health and wellness of the people of Vietnam and around the world.

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