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Message from Professor Laurent El Ghaoui – Chair of the Research Affairs Committee and Dean of the College of Engineering & Computer Science, VinUniversity.

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Over the past two years, many faculty members have received Seed Grant and FastTrack funding for their research. Below is the list of all the previously funded projects:


AY22-23 Cross-College

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Solution for Inexpensive Plastination technology: Phase 1 – A Trial with Swine Organs and Limbs Duy Hoang Mai

AY22-23 Fast Track

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Exploring an unfamiliar territory: a study on the practice of outdoor education in Vietnam Myles Lynch
Active Learning for Data Annotation Wray Buntine
Scaling up Generative Energy-based Models Khoa Doan Dang


AY22-23 Seed Grant

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Single-incision minimally invasive surgery for the treatment of Hirschsprung’s Disease in children Nhung Nguyen Thi
Health-related quality of life and cosmesis of lymphangioma patients after treatment with intralesional bleomycin injection Duy Tran Le Dinh
Mental Wellness Program for women living with and beyond cancer: an application of the Smart Health delivery Huyen Nguyen Thi Hoa
Exploring Environmental Intelligence in Vietnam David Harrison
Resilience-Aware Edge Computing for Massive and Secure Internet-of-Things Networks Dinh Nguyen Van

AY21-22 Fast Track

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Culture and Climate Change in Vietnam David Harrison, CAS
At the Crossroads of International Relocation: What Makes The Influence of Reputation Stronger? Jin Suk Park. CBM
Employee learning in tourism and service experiences during Covid-19 pandemic Giang Phi Thi Linh, CBM
Implicit deep learning Laurent El Ghaoui, CECS
Multimodal Federated Learning for Multi-Objective Recommendations Dung Le Duy, CECS
Evaluation of the effects of molnupiravir on the cardiomyocytes derived from human-induced pluripotent stem cell Nhung Nguyen Thi, CHS
Improving symptoms for women after cancer treatment: a trial of the i-CanManage application Huyen Nguyen Thi Hoa, CHS

AY21-22 Seed Grant

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Fake News and the Tam Giao Michael Clark, CAS
Impact of Covid-19 on Vietnam’s Textiles and Clothing Industry: Response, Recovery, and the Path to Resilience Anupama Devendrakumar, CAS
Stability, efficiency, and resilience of hotels during Covid-19 pandemic: The role of capital structure and ESG strategy Lan Nguyen Thi Mai, CBM
Fibroblast Growth Factor 23 as a Predictor for Left Ventricular Hypertrophy in Chronic Kidney Disease Tuyet Nguyen Thi, CHS
Impact of Dengue virus infection on mosquito vector behaviour: a multidimensional investigation of a growing public health threat to Vietnam Andrew Taylor-Robinson, CHS
Women’s Wellness After Giving Birth Program (WWAGBP) for Vietnamese Women Huong Nguyen Thi Thanh, CHS
Air Hanoi Project: public knowledge, awareness and perceptions of air pollution in Vietnam’s capital city – a mixed methods study Pranee Liamputtong, CHS
Using codesign to create the Smart Kidney Health Support program for people with chronic kidney disease in Vietnam Van Hoang Lan, CHS

AY20-21 Seed Grant

Project Title Principal Investigator, College
Vietnam Manufacturing Competitiveness Dung Vu Anh, CAS
Using eye tracking to understand the cognitive processes of second language learners when reading and engaging with electronic texts Daniel Ruelle, CAS
Vietnam and Industry 4.0: Philosophical and Ethical Foundations Billy Wheeler, CAS
Vietnam Service Quality and Excellence Index Rohit Verma, VINO
Evolving Digital Consumer Behavior and Social Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM): A Comprehensive Approach Integrating Data from Consumer and Firm Kyunghwa Chung (Jenny), CBM
Improvements to the model to convert user generated content (UGC) to structured data in hotel service quality using sentimental analysis – Case study of Vinpearl Lan Tran Phuong, CBM


“Looking through the customer’s eyes”, using eye-tracking, in-depth interviews and surveys to examine wellness quality of Vinpearl hotels and resorts Dung Le Thi Phuong, CBM
Medication Monitoring App Minh Do Ngoc, CECS
3D imaging of cells and tissues using polarized light microscopy Mai Tran Thi, CECS
In-situ monitoring of directed energy deposition additive manufacturing (3D printing) system using optical and infrared imaging Truong Do Thi, CECS
ECGs classification for cardiovascular diseases diagnostics on mobile devices Cuong Do Danh, CECS
Energy-efficient light-emitting diodes for solid-state lighting applications through hybridization between quantum emitters and optical metamaterials Quynh Le Van, CECS
Privacy-Preserving Data Publishing for Autonomous Vehicles Kok-Seng Wong, CECS
Applying Machine Learning to mitigate RF impairments in wireless communications systems Tu Nguyen Viet, CECS
Feasibility Study for the Vietnam Cohort Study (VINCohort) Maurizio Trevisan, CHS
Workplace conflicts and conflict management among nurses in selected Vietnamese healthcare institutions Long Nguyen Hoang, CHS
Immune System Measuring: A study on Patients of Infections and Cancers Chien Huynh Dinh, CHS