Hanoi Airport - Noi Bai International Airport (Code: HAN)

Located 45km from the city center, Hanoi Airport is the largest in Vietnam. Also known as Noi Bai, it has two terminals: an older one for domestic travel and an international terminal completed in 2014. Public transportation, taxis and car rental services can be found at the arrivals area.

Public Transportation


This is the most economical but time-consuming way is by bus (Express 86). You can wait at the bus stop, near the Terminal 1 and 2 and get on Express 86. Then, you should get off at 56 Ly Thuong Kiet, where Melia is located.

Price: 1$-2$ 

Frequency of operation: 25-30 minutes/ trip

Airport Taxi

Fast-paced on the surface, the true rhythm of Hanoi life is far from hurried and is reflected well in its leisurely coffee hours. Alongside traditional coffee houses, an ever-growing band of unique cafes serve new brews in cool caffeine dens.


Located in an area rich in clay, the village has advantage of ingredients to create fine ceramics. Lying besides the Red river, between Thang Long and Pho Hien, two ancient trade centers in the north of Vietnam during 15th-17th century, Bat Trang’s ceramics were favorite products not only in domestic market but also foreign ones.