COVID-19 Precautions

Although there are no strict restrictions for COVID-19 prevention, we urge all attendees to follow these precautionary measures:

  • Masks are recommended, although not required.
  • Participants who have tested positive (with or without symptoms), or those who have come into contact recently with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19 must not attend the in-person sessions.
  • If any participant experiences any symptoms of COVID-19, s/he must inform the organizers immediately so that medical help can be provided. S/he must self-isolate and refrain from participating in any sessions.


  1. Free shuttle e-bus: Two e-bus (VinBus) routes from locations in Ha Noi are available for participants on both days. This service is complimentary. Please be at your bus stop on time so you can catch the bus.
  2. Public Vinbus routes (click on the bus number for more details):
    • E01: Mỹ Đình Bus Station – Ngã Tư Sở – VinUni (8,000 VND/ticket)
    • E02: Hào Nam – Long Biên – VinUni (8,000 VND/ticket)
    • E03: Mỹ Đình (Hàm Nghi) – Thái Hà – VinUni (9,000 VND/ticket)

Note: The VinBus stop in Ocean Park is right outside the front gate of VinUniversity.


  • There is limited parking available on the VinUniversity campus. We encourage you to take public transportation to the campus. If you plan to drive, you must inform us in advance. If parking on campus is full, we will direct you to parking locations nearby. Note that it will take 15-20 additional minutes for you to find off-campus parking and make your way to campus from there.

Information Desk

Volunteers at the Information Desk, located outside the Auditorium, are available to answer any questions and provide support. The Information Desk can assist in the following ways:

  • Provide general information about the event, session locations and timings, general utilities, transportation.
  • Check-in: Registrant will check-in, receive an ID card and a gift bag.
  • Check-in schedule:
    • Day 1 (June 17) 07:30-08:00 – Auditorium
    • Day 2 (June 18) 07:30-08:00 – I Building, 1st Floor

In addition, volunteers will be available throughout the day to guide and direct attendees to the desired locations. Look for people with VinUni T-shirts and name badges.

Simultaneous Translation

Sessions in which simultaneous translation is available are:

    • Opening Ceremony June 17
    • Keynote Address: “Education in the 21st Century” June 17
    • Keynote Address: “The Surprising Myths about Learning Held by Faculty and Students”, June 18
    • Health Professions Education Track session, June 18
  • Translation Headphones: One headphone will be provided at your seat. Please leave the headphones  at your seat before leaving.


  1. Search for surrounding Wi-Fi signals in the wireless network setting
  2. Select ‘VinUni Guest’ SSID and launch web browser
  3. Click ‘Continue to the Internet’
  4. Due to the high demand on the bandwidth, we request that you restrict the use of wifi to only Summit related activities during this time.

Website and Social Media

  1. You can find more information about the Summit on our website:
  2. Presentation materials will be made available to Summit attendees by logging into the website with their account.
  3. Help us to spread VinUniversity T&L Summit by using the hashtags below.
    #VinUni #VinUniversity #Teachingandlearningsummit #vtls

Convenience and Entertainment

  1. Tea-break is provided throughout the Summit.
  2. Convenience store is located in the I Building, 1st Floor.
  3. A virtual map of VinUniversity  can be found here.
  4. Accommodations near VinUniversity:
  5. Restaurants and Cafes near VinUniversity:

Eco-Friendly, “Green” Event

  • We request you to help us in our efforts to conduct an eco-friendly event, by minimizing waste and using environmentally friendly alternatives for transportation. Here is what the eco-friendly steps that we are taking to reduce the carbon footprint of the event: