Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research at VinUniversity is a core part of the training and education of VinUni students. VinUni recognizes that research skills and competencies are not just critical for those who wish to purse academic work, but for any person who wishes to be a contributor, leader and a change maker in the society. Research skills of systematic inquiry, information gathering, critical analysis, problem solving, resilience and focus, interpretation and communication, are core life skills that are part of VinUni’s mission for students!

First year students are already engaged in independent research under the guidance of VinUni faculty members, and working with faculty on their Seed Grants and other research projects.

Introduction to Undergraduate Research Workshop Series:

Provide foundational information to students about the importance and relevance of research in education and for society, principles and practices of doing research with responsibility, and practical tips on information literacy.

Our goal is that students can learn and adopt the behaviors and attitudes necessary to become successful scientists.

Session 1: Monday, Jan 11 

Speaker: Professor Minh Do 

Time: 4:45-6 pm 

Location: C202 Lecture Hall 

Topics: Introduction to Research (55 mins) 

Table of contents: 

  • What is research? Why research? 
  • What is the research process? 
  • What are the possible outcomes of research? 
  • How is research evaluated? 
  • What are the expectations from researchers at VinUni? 

To watch this workshop, click here.

To see the slides, click here.


Upcoming Workshop: 

Session 2:Tuesday, Jan 18 

Speaker: Amita Verma 

Time: 4:45-6 pm 

Location: C202 Lecture Hall 

Topic: “Responsibility in Research: Rigor, Reproducibility, Ethics and Research Misconduct” (55 mins) 

Table of contents: 

  • Rigor and Reproducibility 
  • Ethics: humans, animals, biosafety, lab safety, data management (privacy, security) 
  • Avoiding misconduct: plagiarism, data fabrication, falsification 

Session 3: Thursday, Jan 19 

Speaker: Library Staff 

Time: 4:45-6 pm 

Location: C202 Lecture Hall 

Topic:  “Information Literary: Using the library resources for Literature Searches” – Ha To Tam and Library staff (55 mins) 

Table of content: 

  • Principles and best practices for literature review 
  • Using databases for literature search 

Resources for the workshop can be found here.