Tuition and other Fees at VinUniversity

The tuition fee for an undergraduate student is equivalent to 815,850,000 VND (~ 35,000 USD), except for the Bachelor of Nursing program with the tuition fee being 349,650,000 VND (~ 15,000 USD). The tuition fee for a graduate degree program will be equivalent to 932,400,000 VND (~ 40,000 USD) per year. This includes all academic experiences such as teaching, research, internships, clinical practice, industry-immersion semester, and regular campus educational activities. The additional expected cost of living (including dorm and meals) for the first year when students are living in VinUni dorms is about 56,000,000 VND (~ 2,400 USD). Additional costs for books, travel, special events, and incidental expenses will depend on individual student needs and course requirements.

Student Loans: Students who need additional funds to support their education at VinUniversity can apply for student loans. Contact to let us know that you wish to apply.

Generous scholarships and Financial Aid programs:

We believe that financial constraints should not get in the way of a talented student’s access to the best education.

With a strong and long-term commitment by Vingroup for setting a new standard for high-quality higher education, all VinUni students in the first five intakes will benefit from the following different types of financial assistance:

  • All VinUni students will receive, from Vingroup, a subsidy of 35%, equivalent to 285,547,500 VND (~ 12,250 USD) – 326,340,000 VND (~ 14,000 USD) per year, or 122,377,500 VND (~ 5,250 USD) for the Bachelor of Nursing program.

This subsidy will apply to the entire duration of their studies at VinUni.

  • VinUni merit-based scholarships:

Students who possess outstanding academic capabilities, creativity, aspiration, and commitment, will be granted scholarships that cover 90% – 100% of tuition fees. Students with exceptional talent will be granted full scholarships covering 100% of tuition fee plus 34,965,000 VND (~ 1,500 USD) for living expenses.

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  • VinUni Financial Aid program will cover 50%, 60%, 70%, or 80% of the tuition fee.

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