General Questions

A non-refundable registration fee of 10 million VND is required to secure a place in the academic program to which you have been offered admission. Admitted students will receive an email from the Admissions office with  instructions and the deadline to submit this fee. Please follow those instructions to submit the registration fees.

The estimated yearly cost for an undergraduate student USD 35,000. This cost is for the 4-year and the 6-year undergraduate programs including the MD program. The estimated cost for a graduate degree program will be USD 40,000 per year. This includes all teaching, research, internships, clinical practice, international exchange, industry-immersion semester, co-curricular activities, all academic experiences, etc. The expected living costs for the first year when students are in VinUni dorms, are about USD 1,500. There will be additional costs for food, travel, and incidental expenses which will depend on students’ needs and individual circumstances.

Generous scholarships and Financial Aid will be offered to students who get admitted, so that no student will be excluded from attending VinUni because of financial constraints (see details in the next question).

With a strong and long-term commitment of Vingroup setting a new standard and aspiration for high-quality higher education, all VinUni students will be of the first five intakes will benefit from 3 different types of financial assistance:

  • VinGroup subsidy: All VinUni students will receive a subsidy of at least 35%, equivalent to USD12,000 – USD14,000 from VinGroup. This subsidy will apply for the entire duration of their studies at VinUniversity
  • VinUniversity merit-based scholarships: Students who possess outstanding academic capabilities, creativity, aspiration, and commitment to change will be granted scholarships that cover 90% – 100% of educational costs. Students with exceptional talent will be granted scholarships covering 100% of all educational costs plus living expenses.
  • VinUniversity need-based financial aid program: will cover 50%, 70%, and 80% of the costs will be available for those students who qualify to be admitted to VinUni but would otherwise not be able to attend because of financial constraints.
  • Student Loans: low-interest student loans can be available to students to help with the costs that are not covered by subsidies or scholarships.

There is no upper limit to the number of students who can receive these scholarships or financial aid.

If you receive the Vingroup subsidy of USD 12,000-14,000 it is for all your years of study at VinUni provided you are enrolled as a full time student and receive passing grades each semester.

Merit-based scholarships and financial aid will be renewable each year based on minimum standards of academic performance.

There is no limit on the number.

Currently, Vingroup is providing funds for all the merit-based scholarships and financial aid. There are no requirements or restrictions from Vingroup towards the recipients of the scholarships. We plan to engage other sponsors-businesses, not for profit organizations, education partners- to continue to build on this generous financial support program for our students.

While there can be no absolute guarantees in life, VinUni will guarantee the funds for each admitted student eligible for the subsidies and other financial assistance, as long as the student meets the enrollment, academic achievement and code of conduct requirements. Vingroup, the sponsor of the financial support package, has an impeccable reputation for integrity and has committed these funds to VinUni to support its mission of highest quality education for talented students in Vietnam.

Questions about Financial Aid

VinUniversity’s Financial Aid (FA) program is a need-based program that will cover 50%, 70%, or 80% of the costs and will be available for those students who qualify to be admitted to VinUni but would not be able to attend because of financial constraints. This is made possible by the generous donation provided by Vingroup.

The decision of awarding FA is based on the financial status of the admitted student and their family. This aid does not need to be repaid. At VinUniversity, we firmly believe that financial constraints should not be a barrier for access to the best education for talented students

Once you qualify for FA, the tuition relief will apply for the payment periods in which you are enrolled at VinUniversity, provided you are a student in good standing and maintain acceptable academic standards. If you wish to apply, complete the FA request form and submit to by May 30, 2020.

The tuition fee for 2020-21 is currently 815,850,000 VND per year.

Level of Aid Annual Tuition covered by Financial Aid (VND) Annual Tuition Fee payable by student (VND)
80% Financial Aid 652,680,000 163,170,000
70% Financial Aid 571,095,000 244,755,000
50% Financial Aid 407,925,000 407,925,000
35% Tuition Subsidy (available to all admitted students) 285,547,500 530,302,500

The Admissions committee was very impressed with your academic qualifications and your talent, and believes that you have very high potential to be a change maker and a leader in the academic program to which you have been admitted. The FA is intended to reduce that barrier for those students who have been admitted to VinUniversity and may need some financial support in order to be able to enroll.

Candidates who have been offered admission at VinUniversity and have not received merit-based scholarships are eligible to apply for FA to support the tuition fees for the academic program to which they have been offered admission. If you have already received a scholarship you cannot apply for additional aid (you can apply for student loans). If you do not wish to study in the program that has been offered to you, the offer of admission or aid may be withdrawn. If you choose to change your program after one year at VinUni, you may need to apply again for FA.

In order for us to consider your request to apply for aid, we must  receive your completed application using the FA request form by May 30, 2020 (this date will be different for students offered admission in the regular admissions cycle). Applications must be sent to the email address Incomplete applications will not be considered for review.

We will review the financial information submitted by candidates and to determine whether they qualify for financial aid to attend VinUniversity. This process may involve inquiries regarding the information that you provided in the application. If that is the case, we will contact you directly to seek the information necessary. The process of reviewing the financial information and making a decision regarding aid will take 4-6 weeks. We will inform you about the outcome by email and phone as soon as it becomes available.

In order for us to thoroughly review your application and make a quick decision, we recommend that you pay attention to the following:

  • Complete the entire FA request form, providing as much information as you can
  • Submit by the due date
  • Type the information into the application if possible (handwriting is difficult to read)
  • Provide all supporting documents, so that the reviewers can easily validate the information in the form
  • Make sure that the information across all the various fields is consistent. For example, if you provide income in one section but have information in other sections that adds up to more income or less income, then the reviewers will need to contact you to get clarifications. This delays the processing and may cause a concern that the information is not entirely accurate.
  • Make sure that your contact information is correct
  • The financial aid process relies on honesty and integrity on the part of the applicants. Please make sure that the information you provide is true and accurate. This will help us to process these requests quickly without having to worry about many rounds of investigation.

If you don’t wish to apply for FA, OR, if you do apply but you are not approved to receive FA, your admission offer to VinUniversity is still valid. You will have the following choices:

(1) You can still accept admission to VinUniversity and choose to pay the tuition minus a 35% subsidy (equivalent to 530,302,500 VND), or

(2) You may decide to decline the offer of admission to VinUniversity entirely.

The approval to receive financial aid is for your entire program of study at VinUniversity. You do not need to apply again next year, but we will ask for a short report/update of your financial status for reporting purposes. You will continue to receive the approved FA provided:

  1. Your financial status does not change significantly.
  2. Your academic program is the same.
  3. You maintain an acceptable level of academic performance, as determined by each program/college
  4. You are a full-time student at VinUniversity, and are not on any academic or disciplinary probation.

If you decide to change the academic program, or your financial status changes significantly, you may need to apply again.

If you and your family experience a major change in your financial circumstances and require additional financial aid while you are enrolled at VinUniversity, we will work with you to explore whether we can provide more assistance. You will need to submit a request for reconsideration. This request should include the reason for the increase in aid, such as unexpected high expenses, loss of employment, loss of a parent, etc.

Should your family experience better financial times such that you can now afford to pay more of the tuition, please do let us know so that we may allocate these funds to another student who can benefit from the aid.

Yes. You can apply for student loans offered through VinUniversity. If you are interested in applying, please contact

Yes. Although we have not finalized the process for this yet, we will have a process whereby students can apply for more FA or a scholarship during the course of the program. Our goal is to help make high quality education affordable and accessible to all students, so we will work with all students to find ways to support their financial needs so that they can complete their studies at VinUniversity.