Costs, scholarships and financial aid

1. If I decide to accept VinUni’s offer for admission, do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes. We will ask for a non- refundable deposit of 10 million VND before the decision date.

2. How much does it cost to study at VinUni?

The estimated yearly cost for an undergraduate student USD 35,000. This cost is for the 4-year and the 6-year undergraduate programs including the MD program. The estimated cost for a graduate degree program will be USD 40,000 per year. This includes all teaching, research, internships, clinical practice, international exchange, industry-immersion semester, co-curricular activities, all academic experiences, etc. The expected living expenses for the first year when students are in VinUni dorms, are about USD 1,500. There will be additional costs for food, travel, and incidental expenses which will depend on students’ needs and individual circumstances.

Generous scholarships and Financial Aid will be offered to students who get admitted, so that no student will be excluded from attending VinUni because of financial constraints (see details in the next question).

3. How much are the scholarships and financial aid at VinUni?

With a strong and long-term commitment of Vingroup setting a new standard and aspiration for high-quality higher education, all VinUni students will be of the first five intakes will benefit from 3 different types of financial assistance:

  • VinGroup subsidy: All VinUni students will receive a subsidy of at least 35%, equivalent to USD12,000 – USD14,000 from VinGroup. This subsidy will apply for the entire duration of their studies at VinUniversity
  • VinUniversity merit-based scholarships: Students who possess outstanding academic capabilities, creativity, aspiration, and commitment to change will be granted scholarships that cover 90% – 100% of educational costs. Students with exceptional talent will be granted scholarships covering 100% of all educational costs plus living expenses.
  • VinUniversity need-based financial aid program: will cover 50%, 70%, and 80% of the costs will be available for those students who qualify to be admitted to VinUni but would otherwise not be able to attend because of financial constraints.
  • Student Loans: low-interest student loans can be available to students to help with the costs that are not covered by subsidies or scholarships.

There is no upper limit to the number of students who can receive these scholarships or financial aid.

4. If I receive a scholarship or financial aid from VinUni in the first year, is it guaranteed for all four (or six) years?

If you receive the Vingroup subsidy of USD 12,000-14,000 it is for all your years of study at VinUni provided you are enrolled as a full time student and receive passing grades each semester.

Merit-based scholarships and financial aid will be renewable each year based on minimum standards of academic performance.

5. Can I get student loans to fund my education?

We are working on making student loans available at attractive interest rates. If you believe that you will need a loan, you can contact us after you receive an offer letter from us, and we will be happy to assist you. Loans do come with certain requirements for repayment, so you will need to make sure that you understand these conditions fully before you take the loan.

7. Who is providing money for these scholarships and aid?

Currently, Vingroup is providing funds for all the merit-based scholarships and financial aid. There are no requirements or restrictions from Vingroup towards the recipients of the scholarships. We plan to engage other sponsors-businesses, not for profit organizations, education partners- to continue to build on this generous financial support program for our students.

8. What is the difference between Financial Aid and Merit-based scholarships?

Financial aid is provided to those students who qualify to study at VinUni but have limited financial means to study at VinUni. If you would like to apply for Financial Aid, we may ask you for information about your family’s financial status so that we can determine if you qualify.

Merit-based scholarships are awarded to those students who have outstanding academic or other qualifications and talent, and are granted regardless of the financial status of the student or their family.

There are no other differences in how the funds will be distributed or used.

9. How can I be assured that I get the subsidies I have been promised?

While there can be no absolute guarantees in life, VinUni will guarantee the funds for each admitted student eligible for the subsidies and other financial assistance, as long as the student meets the enrollment, academic achievement and code of conduct requirements. Vingroup, the sponsor of the financial support package, has an impeccable reputation for integrity and has committed these funds to VinUni to support its mission of highest quality education for talented students in Vietnam.