Admissions Process

VinUniversity performs a holistic application review to understand candidates as “whole persons”. Each application is thoroughly reviewed by VinUni faculty and experts in the respective fields, and it will go through pre-screening and two rounds of review:

Pre-screening – We will only screen out those applications  that don’t meet the eligibility criteria, such as grade level, significantly low GPA or academic records, incomplete or carelessly written applications.

 Round 1- Online application evaluation – Faculty and admissions specialists review each application submitted. A shortlist of applicants will be invited to Round 2.

 Round 2 – Individual Assessment – VinUni will invite shortlisted applicants to attend a full day of assessment. If the COVID-19 related precautions continue, the assessment will be done remotely using interactive tools. This will include a 45-minute personal Interview/scenario-based challenge with faculty and some other activities that help you to get to know us and us to know you better.

 Applications Deferred from the Early Decision cycle: Those applications that were deferred to the regular admissions cycle will be reevaluated along with the new applications received

 Faculty from each College and Program will review the overall performance and assessment of each candidate and their fit with VinUniversity, the College and the program. If the candidate appears better suited for another program, they might recommend that program for the candidate.

 Based on the number of spots available in each program, and the thresholds established by the faculty, candidates will be offered admission to a program.

 Candidates do not need to apply for merit-based scholarships. All admitted candidates will automatically be considered for merit-based scholarships.

 Candidates who are invited to apply for financial –aid will need to complete and submit a financial aid questionnaire to determine if they are eligible to receive this aid. The questionnaire is being developed and we will post it soon.

 Candidates who are offered merit-based scholarships will have a few days to respond with their acceptance or decline. A non-refundable registration fee will be required to secure their spot in the program.

 Once the candidates have accepted the offer and submitted the registration fee, they will receive detailed instructions about the academic year and next steps, including the important dates, events and how to prepare for their first year at VinUni.

 At the time of registration, students must present notarized documents to authenticate their ID, GPAs, resident or international status, and other things necessary to assure that the candidate has met the requirements for admission to VinUni and MOET requirements for attending a university in Vietnam.