1. Accreditation of medical schools in Vietnam
  2. Essential skills in Medical Education in Vietnam
  3. Co-designing a Professionalism in Medicine Curriculum in three essential perspectives


Fourth Annual National Conference in Medical Education

Participation in National Medical Education Conference is our annual activity to share innovations and advances in medical education, best practices in clinical teaching and opportunities for collaboration for teaching and research.

The 4th National Vietnam Medical Education Conference– Achieving Competency in Medical Education was held on November 14, 2020 in Thai Nguyen which attracted more than 200 attendees, including leaders in medical education, students, and faculty from Vietnam and around the world. MD team has two presentations during this event:

  • E-Portfolio: Learning from Experience

Author: Zarrin Sema Siddiqui

  • Procedural skills in a medical program in Vietnam: A curriculum validation study

Authors: Truong Ngoc Hai, Ha Minh Thuy, Zarrin Sema Siddiqui

Third Annual National Conference in Medical Education