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Seed Grant AY 2022-2023

Read more about VinUni Seed Grant Program and previously funded projects


All full-time faculty members at VinUniversity are eligible to apply. When there is not sufficient funding available to fund all high-scoring proposals, priority will be given to funding proposals from early career, research-active faculty. Faculty members who have received an award through this program within the previous two years are not eligible to apply. Those who have received Fast Track funding are, however, eligible to apply.



*Should there be anything else you would like to ask, please send an email to the Research Management Office at vpo@vinuni.edu.vn.


Each seed proposal will be reviewed by the members of the VinUniversity Research Advisory Committee (RAC). The RAC comprises members selected from the faculty of VinUniversity. The Vice Provost of Research and Innovation (VPRI) will select the committee members using the best judgment to allow a fair review while distributing the review load across all committee members. Each proposal will be reviewed based on the following categories:

  • Building talents
  • Real life impact
  • Reputation building for VinUni


Research projects funded through this program are expected to be completed within two years; however, longer projects and extensions will be allowed as needed.


The PI will submit six monthly reports on their funded project. A template will be provided for the report.

At the conclusion of the project, the PI will provide a complete report of the expenses, research outcomes, publications or manuscripts or working papers, and plans for future work.

In addition to written reports, the research team may be invited to present the outcomes in a workshop, symposium, or conference.