Academic Advising

Students having an undeclared major need to declare their major at the latest by the end of the second year (Article 8 of Academic Regulations).

Yes, in general students can apply for a change of major, however, depending on the duration and requirements of the major, and the performance of the student, program capacity, and other factors, such requests are subject to approval by each College and Program. Each College will outline for the submission, review, and approval of such requests.  If approved, the change will take effect from the following semester.

Your Academic Advisor will be mentioned in your Student Portal in the Student Information System. You will get to meet your academic advisor during orientation week.

Course Registration

To be classified as a full-time student, students must be enrolled in at a minimum, 80% of a normal full-time load in the Fall and Spring semesters (regular semester).

Normal load during a regular semester: At least 14 credits (applicable for first-semester students, and students with good academic standing or higher in the previous semester; not applicable for the final semester).

At least 10 credits and no more than 14 credits, applicable to students with poor academic standing in the previous semester.

Automatic Overload: 18-22 credits, subject to approval by the Academic Advisor. This enables students to pursue their studies at a pace commensurate with their needs and/or capabilities

Beyond Automatic Overload: More than 22 credits, subject to approval by the College Dean or Dean-designee.

You can log in to the Student Portal to get this list

Students are allowed to add a course to their schedule no later than the close of the 10th business day of the regular semester.

Students can drop a class within the drop deadline. The drop deadline for a regular semester is no later than the close of the 14th business day of the semester. Changes made in this period will not be included in the academic record of the students.

Dropping a class after the add/drop period has ended is considered a Withdrawal. Students may withdraw from a course after the add/drop period has ended with no grade penalty.

Not in the first semester. You are automatically into all the courses in the first semester, as they are all required courses for your major or to meet university requirements. Depending on the program that you are enrolled in, you may have elective choices starting from the second semester.


Students will find this information in the Student Portal in the Student Information System (

No, students are responsible for making sure that they know about any timetable changes. These changes will normally be announced by the course instructors and be indicated in the Canvas course or SIS system.

Credit Transfer and Course Exemption

The following provides general information on credit transfer and course exemption.

Credit Transfer Course Exemption
Eligibility for application All students: For credits earned elsewhere while enrolling as a student of VinUniversity, including exchange programs, summer study programs, or arrangements under joint programs with other institutions.


For normative 4-year or 6-year degree students only: For credits earned on the basis of their previous qualifications attained prior to their admission to the University.

All students
Credits earned YES but not counted in the calculation of a student’s GPA unless special arrangements have been made such as under joint programs with other institutions NO
Take courses NOT REQUIRED to take the courses for which credit transfer has been granted REQUIRED to take other courses to make up the credits required for fulfilling the degree requirements (if any)
Time to submit an application 1.       For credits earned prior to entry to the University:
Before the start of the first semester of the student’s admission.
2.       For credits earned after admission to the University:
Immediately in the semester following attainment of the additional qualification
Before the start of the first semester of the student’s admission


Log in to the Student Portal to make any allowed changes Contact the Registrar’s Office to make any changes that you cannot make on the portal.

Please kindly check the “My Finances” section on the Student Portal (( to see information on all monetary transactions that you will perform in the semester. Account information on the portal is an area where you can find your Ledger Card with all monetary transaction entries and their details. You can also access your Invoices and Payment Plan. To view Account Information: go to My Finances > Account Information > Select your current active enrollment > check your Ledger Card on the Account Detail tab and see the current outstanding balance.

On the other side, you can learn more about VinUni’s financial regulations by clicking here.

The University will not release information relating to a student, either academic or personal, to any party without the student’s consent. However, please note that the University may contact the emergency contact person/parents/guardians concerning students’ study, health or medical condition, and/or financial circumstances, and release the student’s information at the University under emergencies as determined by the University.