Quis18 Doctoral Colloquium

The purpose of QUIS18 Doctoral colloquium is to help PhD. students and Jr. faculty scholars interested in service research maximize their chances of having a successful academic career in our globally competitive environment. The participants will have the opportunity to hear from established, mid-career and junior scholars from around the world and also get a chance to network with fellow PhD. students. The sessions will be organized around the key elements of the professional life of an academic scholar (research, teaching, professional service, work-life balance) and the focus will be on providing tips and guidance for success. Detailed program will be announced later.

QUIS18 Doctoral colloquium will be organized as a half-day event on June 20th, 2023 in Hanoi, Vietnam.

Who should attend

The colloquium welcomes Ph.D. students from all subject areas within Service Management (e.g. human resources, marketing, operations, and strategy). There are several important reasons why you should attend.
  • Networking: getting a job, finding collaborators, and gaining advantages in the career you are about to enter are all related to “WHO YOU KNOW” and “WHO KNOWS YOU.” This is your chance to meet and get to know some of the leading researchers and educators in the SERVICE RESEARCH field.
  • Skill development: excellent teaching and research require practical skills in addition to content knowledge. You will learn from both established scholars and recent graduates who will share their secrets to success.
  • Furthering your research: the research incubator will give you a chance to engage in a discussion of your research ideas with your peers and with outstanding researchers in the area of service as well as discuss issues and challenges in service research.
  • Fun: Come socialize with your current and future colleagues in a city that has retained its sense of history and tradition.

Application process

To participate to the QUIS18 Doctoral Colloquium, you must submit (1) a one-page resume, and (2) a one-page non-technical summary of your thesis research. Please do not write any confidential information in the summary. Writing a nontechnical summary will be helpful for you to talk to potential employers, your peers and the panelists about your research.

Online registration will be open in 2023 (date TBA). 

There is no additional cost for attending the Colloquium to the students but all participants must be registered for the QUIS18 conference. If you have questions, please contact QUIS18 Conference Manager – Polene Nguyen at quis18@vinuni.edu.vn