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Dr. Thanh Ngoc Tien
Program Manager, Internal Medicine Residency Program, VinUniversity.


  • GPA ≥7.0
  • Positive letter of recommendation
  • Compelling answers to short essay questions
  • English proficiency: IELTS Score ≥ 6.5 or equivalent TOEFL (preferred). If no standardized English test scores are available, then committee will review written English in application and conversational English on Interview day.

IFOM Clinical Sciences Exam content is very similar to the USMLE Step 2 CK. If you use a published USMLE Step 2 CK study guide book (such as First Aid, Kaplan, Step-Up, etc), it will help guide your preparation and review.

For practice exams, please see the NBME page for Self-Assessments at:

Note: there are multiple practice exam products. Be sure to see specific information for the International Foundation of Medicine Clinical Science Self Assessment. The cost is USD $35 for this practice test. Please note that this is completely optional and will not be considered as part of your application to our residency programs.

ONE letter of recommendation is required only for those applicants who advance to in-person interviews. Instructions will be given to these candidates prior to interviews in late August, 2020.

In your online application, it is not required to upload your letter of recommendation at this time unless you already have it completely filled out by your chosen faculty member. Successful candidates will be asked to provide a scanned copy of the Letter of Recommendation form prior to their in-person interview in late August 2020. There is a PDF template of the letter available in the Online Application Portal. Once complete, it can be uploaded to the application portal or the faculty member can also scan and send the PDF to our program email if he/she prefers.

Choose 1 faculty member from your medical school. We highly recommend you choose the faculty member who knows you well and is an expert in your chosen specialty. Please make sure he/she knows the deadline and submits the form on time.

Yes, but English is highly preferred. Please see the template of this letter in our online application form. Instructions are provided in both English and Vietnamese.

Candidates will first be invited to take the IFOM® Entrance Exam based on academic performance and application data. After official IFOM® results are received from the NBME, we will determine a score cut-point and the top candidates for each individual residency program will be invited for Interviews.

We tentatively plan to host Interview Days in late August, 2020, specific date will be informed to applicants who progress to interview round.

Nothing – just be yourself, arrive on time, dress professionally, and have an open mind!

There may be opportunities in the future for short-term elective rotations for senior residents at UPenn who are in their final year of training.

At this time, we do not anticipate using the USMLE as a benchmark for advancement in our program. The IFOM® Clinical Sciences Exam scores are highly correlated to USMLE Step 2 CK performance.

No. For Vietnamese medical graduates who wish to practice as a physician in the USA, there are many regulatory steps and advanced clinical training which are required. These include but are not limited to: 3 steps of USMLE exams, TOEFL, ECFMG, and then matching into a US residency program as an International Medical Graduate. The residency programs at VinUni will not be a “fast-track” to licensure as a physician in the USA.

No. At this time, graduates of residency training programs in Vietnam are not eligible to sit for these certification exams internationally without completing additional international clinical training.

No. Due to the unique longitudinal curriculum, all trainees can only enter our program in the PGY1 position.

No. According to the regulation in residency training of Ministry of Health of Vietnam, you cannot change your specialty after PGY1.

No. Our residency programs are only open to graduates of Vietnamese medical schools at this time.

Yes. Our residency programs will involve some core clinical rotations and electives at Military 108 Hospital (for Internal Medicine and Surgery) and National Children’s Hospital (for Pediatrics).

One of the biggest advantages of our residency programs is a guaranteed pathway to employment at Vinmec International Hospitals throughout Vietnam. Details of a required employment period within the Vinmec Healthcare System after residency graduation will be discussed in detail with competitive applicants during the Interview Days in late August.

There is no separate application for a scholarship in our residency program! A generous financial support for Tuition Fees will be provided by VinUniversity and Vinmec International Hospitals for the most talented, Final-Rank candidates for our training programs in Internal Medicine, Pediatrics and General Surgery. In addition, all Final-Rank candidates accepted into our programs will receive a monthly stipend throughout their training to help cover costs associated with housing and living expenses

Official Medical School Transcript is now optional in the online application form. Please report your GPA in our online application truthfully and accurately. If you are invited to take the IFOM exam (July 24, 2020) we will ask you submit your official medical school transcript prior to our in-person interviews in Hanoi (late August 2020).

We will give preference to applicants who have an official IELTS score >6.5, however please apply to our program even if you have not taken a standardized English proficiency test. We will assess your English proficiency through your written short essays and on the interview day.