VinUniversity Medical Residents Sharing their Academic and Clinical Practice Experience

Graduate Medical Education Programs’ Flyer


VinUni residency curricula for all 4 programs are based on international, evidence-based training standards with the main goals to:

  • Train future clinical leaders in academic medicine;
  • Produce highly competent and compassionate physicians who demonstrate professional excellence in all they do;
  • Provide mentorship, coaching, and graded supervision by dedicated clinical faculty in order to help trainees to develop into future leaders and educators; and
  • Provide structured assessment and feedback that are essential components for professional growth and advancement through our program.

Teaching Modalities

VinUni residency training programs apply a variety of teaching modalities, including:

  • Inter-Professional Teaching;
  • Longitudinal Experiences;
  • Academic Lectures and Conferences;
  • Medical Education & Team Leadership;
  • Interactive Group Learning; and
  • Scholarly Projects.