Politics and Social Change

Politics and Social Change is a part of VinUni’s General Education Program that make up the ideology/national education component mandated by the Ministry of Education & Training of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam for higher education curriculum. The fundamental goal of the course is to help students comprehend the underlying principles of both their country and their university from a global perspective via objective and critical academic lenses. These courses will be given in English to VinUniversity students who speak English as a second language.

The course is based on the assumption that there is a fundamental, powerful and even essential interaction between society and politics in Vietnam and the larger Asian area in the twentieth and 21st-century. The course examines the processes of politics and social change in specific terms, while also exploring major concepts in politics and social change. These skills will aid students in pursuing professional occupations, especially those that need a thorough awareness of politics, current events, and international histories from the previous century.

Students are expected to be familiarized with the ideas of politics and social change in Vietnam after taking the course, in which they can have a good understanding of Vietnam’s development initiatives compared to the neighbouring countries. Finally, they will learn about significant political and international relations events from the twentieth century.