Tran Hoang Ngoc Anh, PhD

Tran Hoang Ngoc Anh, PhD

Affiliate Faculty

College of Health Sciences


Dr. Anh Tran was a Lecturer and Vice Deputy of Neurosurgery Department, Medical University in Ho Chi Minh cum Vice Deputy of Neurosurgery Department, Nhan Dan Gia Dinh Hospital.

Dr. Anh Tran has been trained from Residency Doctor program that is formed from professional training locally and oversea with advanced technologies country such as France, Taiwan, Singapore, Thai Lan, etc. With more than 20 years of experiences in Neurosurgery, he has been working at Cho Ray hospital, Medical University hospital, Gia Dinh hospital and FV hospital which is the leading in medical treatment nationwide.

With deep experiences and expertise in consultancy, treatment and operation with microsurgery, brain endoscopy, functional surgery such as hemi-facial spasm, trigeminal neuralgia, spine diseases, peripheral nerves and special neurotomy in local muscles spasms after central nervous systems injury.

In parallel to his work as a Doctor, he has also given and conducted the training to many medical students, residency doctors and coaching them in researching, fulfilment their final Examination/topic.


  1. 9 papers in national and international journals