Phan Thi Thuc Anh, PhD

Phan Thi Thuc Anh, PhD

Associate Vice Provost

Director, Agile Innovation Center

Associate Professor, College of Business and Management


Assoc. Prof. Phan Thi Thuc Anh serves as the Associate Vice Provost of Vin University. She has had various contributions to the higher education domain as an academic, executive and consultant. Besides teaching management subjects for students of various degree-granting programs, she has also provided consultancy services for organizations such as MOST, SIDA, GTZ, DFID, KPMG, Unilever, BP, Nestle, Viettel, SHB, MSB, Petrolimex, as well as for start-up companies.

Dr. Phan Thi Thuc Anh has led several research projects sponsored by USAID, DANIDA, and NAFOSTED. She has authored or co-authored of 12 books and over 50 papers published in international journals and conference proceedings. Before joining Vin University, she was the Vice Dean of the International School of Management and Economics at the National Economics University, Hanoi (NEU). Prior to that, she was the Vice Dean of the NEU Business School.



  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Knowledge Management and Learning
  • Organizational Behavior


  • Organizational Behavior, Developing Management Skills, Innovation Management, Research Methodology, Management Information Systems.


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  • PhD in Business Administration, University of Fribourg
  • MA degree in Management Research Methods, Macquarie University
  • MBA degree, Boise State University
  • BA degree, National Economics University, Hanoi


  • Outstanding research supervisor, National Economics University, Hanoi, 2021
  • Outstanding researcher, National Economics University, Hanoi, 2014
  • Best paper award, International Human Resource Management conference, Estonia, 2007
  • PhD scholarship and PhD thesis with summa cum laude (highest honor), University of Fribourg, 2007
  • Research Fellow Scholarship, Polytechnic University (now New York University), 2007
  • University Commendation for Excellent Academic Performance (4.0 GPA), Macquarie University, 2002
  • University Commendation for Excellent Academic Performance (4.0 GPA), Boise State University, 1995