Phan Quynh Lan, PhD

Phan Quynh Lan, PhD

Affiliate Faculty, College of Health Sciences

College of Health Sciences

Director of Pharmacy – Vinmec Healthcare system cum Head of Pharmacy – Vinmec Times City International Hospital.

Dr. Phan Quynh Lan graduated from Hanoi University of Pharmacy (HUP) in 1995. She furthered her study here, achieved Master degree in Science (Pharmacy) in 1999 and Ph.D degree (Clinical Pharmacy) in 2010. She was the first Vietnamese pharmacist obtained the Master degree in Clinical Pharmacy abroad, at University of South Australia in 2001.

During her 10 years of teaching at Clinical Pharmacy department, Hanoi University of Pharmacy, she was the co-author of several textbooks for clinical pharmacist training and a member of the advisory board at the Drug Administration of Vietnam in pharmacology and clinical pharmacy. For many years, she offered advice and expertise to hospital pharmacy departments to help them develop clinical pharmacy services. She was also the team leader of a Netherland funded project to improve the Clinical pharmacy teaching capabilities for lecturers from six Pharmacy universities nationwide in 2008-2011. Her research area of interest includes drug use evaluation, bioequivalence and therapeutic equivalence, with more than 20 articles published on accredited scientific magazines. To this day, Dr Lan is the guest lecturer at Hanoi University of Pharmacy, being supervisor for undergraduate/master students in their graduate thesis.

Joining Vinmec Healthcare system since 2011, Dr. Lan is currently the Director of Pharmacy of the Company cum Vinmec Times City International Hospital’s Head of Pharmacy. Beside professional activities in Pharmacy, she also provides training sessions on different areas including management skill for manager, communication skill in healthcare setting for Vinmec staff.